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Chuck Tingle counter-trolls the Gamergaters who chose his erotica for a Hugo Award

Chuck Tingle is the Internet’s most beloved columnist of strange niche erotica, perhaps best known for his masterwork Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt . The Hugo Awards are a formerly prestigious sci-fi reputation, hijacked in recent years by racist neoreactionaries and Gamergaters aiming to Make Science Fiction Not Diverse Again. This is a little story about what happened when the two of them collided this month, and Tingle gave these conservative pushes a divine symbolic butt-pounding.

To understand how genuinely beautiful, how truly deft Tingle’s trolling is, you’re going to need a little background information.

In 2014 and 2015, two groups announcing themselves the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies decided to fight back against what the hell is witnessed as the forced inclusion of women and minorities in narratives that they accepted “mustve been” exclusively about cool spaceships. Their strategy was to create a “slate” of recommended nominees for the Hugo Awards and rally their partisans to vote for the works as a bloc.

It kinda-sorta toiled, and they did it again this year, with even greater success. “Hugo honors shortlist dominated by rightwing safarus, ” proclaimed the Guardian .

The figurehead of the Rabid Puppies expedition, the most extreme of the two, is one “Vox Day.” Last-place year, a Gawker blogger( full disclosure: it was me) describedhim as “aneoreactionaryblogger forracist wackadoodle bulletin siteWorldNetDaily who , among other things, feels colors are inferior to lily-whites andmarital rape is ‘an oxymoron.'”

In other messages, a real nice guy .

That catches us up to the present, where Chuck Tingle isa finalist for a Hugo for his work Space Raptor Butt Invasion, thanks to support from both the Sad and the Rabid Puppy. Tingle has responded in three major access, all of them brilliant and genuinely, laugh-out-loud, maybe-piss-yourself-just-a -little-bit funny.

One: he’s written a narrative announced Slammed in the Butt by My Hugo Award Nomination .

Slammed in the Butt is a twisted, fourth-wall-breaking design of metafiction, interpreting the many coatings of the erotically-charged “Tingleverse” in which Tingle’s personas live, enjoy, and have sex with aircrafts. It’s worth the three bucks, possibly. And it presents just how seriously Tingle takes this award nomination.

Two, Tingle instantly addressed the conservative armies who may now regret electing him by trolling the shit out of Vox Day on Twitter. Day has been gloating about Tingle’s nomination because it was meant to delegitimize the Hugos in the eyes of strangers( never mind that Day still urgently wants to win one .) However, Tingle has made it clearin his own inimitable waythat he doesn’t precisely respect Day.

He’s been be submitted to Day as “VOXMAN” and his supporters as “devilmen.” It’s weird and wonderful.

As hilarious and thorough as these VOXMAN owns are, mere Twitter owns aren’t enough to defeat awareness-raising campaigns whose main goal seems to be attention for Day. He’s uttered, in so many messages, that hate can only form him stronger.

That’s where the third prong of Tingle’s trolling makes a difference. As the Daily Dot’s April Siese discussed in her recent chart of Tingle, the hard and seductive author’s true identity remains a riddle. He cannot very well expose himself by showing up to an award ceremony. So, in his plaza, he has invited perhaps the one person internet alt-rightists and Gamergate-adjacent agitators detest most.

Zoe Quinn, play developer and anti-harassment activist, was the original target of Gamergate after an ex-boyfriend uncovered alleged details of her sexuality life online. She’s the boogeyman( boogeywoman ?) Gamergate frothingly rose up to “defeat, ” their imaginary platonic ideal of a “Social Justice Warrior.”

And she’s likewise a Tingle fana “true buckaroo, ” as Tingle says.

It’s too perfect. Tingle has met such forces that tried to use his work for their own points and judo-flipped their tactics back on them. And the entire era, he’s maintained his aloof, free-loving persona. If there were a Hugo Award for Internet trolling, he would certainly deserve it.

How will this drama demise? Doesn’t matter often, certainly. The Hugos have gone through a few tumultuou years, but a proposed rules change is likely to negate the impact of slate voting starting next year. The Puppies will have to find a new domesticated tactic, or the awards will go on as if the reactionaries never existed.

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Congress grills Facebook, Twitter, Google on shells hiding referendum meddlers

How can internet whales are well aware that innocent-seeming U.S. companionships aren’t actually shell vehicles for malevolent foreign actors to buy ads to interfere with ballots? The short answer is they can’t, and that described wondering from a congressional probe today into Facebook, Twitter and Google being used to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The hearing encountered Facebook’s general counsel Colin Stretch dodge whether Facebook supports the brand-new Honest Ads bill, instead touting the self-regulation it’s implementing. Google’s Richard Salgado affirmed that the company encounters itself as a engineering platform , not a media company or newspaper.

And Senator Ted Cruz pressed Facebook about whether it was politically neutral, and if it sways discourse “in ways consistent with the political vistums of your employees, ” which I’ve memo tilts Democrat judging by rampant hearten by hires for Democratic talking degrees during Barack Obama’s townhall at Facebook HQ in 2011.

Losing the shell game

Perhaps the most revealing time of the hearing came when one member of the human rights commission interrogating the companies’ spokesperson requested 😛 TAGEND

“How do you deal with the problem of a legitimate and lawful but phony American shell corporation, one that announces itself say’ America for Puppies and Prosperity, ’ that has a sag carton as its address, and a $50 million checkin its check book that it’s exploiting to spend to manipulate poll upshots? ”

Russian-bought ads designed to sow political discord.

Twitter’s general counsel Sean Edgett acknowledged “I think that’s a problem. We’re continuing to look into’ how do you get to know your client’ . . . and believe that we’ll have to figure out a good process to understand who those purchasers actually are that are signing the contracts with Twitter to pas ads.”

The committee pressed further about Twitter’s shortcoming here. “You admit that if you draw it all the way back to an American corporation, let’s call it’ America for Puppies and Prosperity’ and it’s actually a eggshell corporation, you don’t actually know who’s behind it? ” the committee asked. “It could be Vladimir Putin, it could be a big strong American special interest, it could be the North Koreans or the Iranians. You need to be able to probe the gloom of the shell corporation, redress? ”

Edgett responded “Yeah, we’re working on the best approach to getting to know the clients and getting to know who’s behind the entities that are signing up for advertising.”

Later, Senator John Kennedy laid into the tech agents, saying “Sometimes your supremacy scares me.” He went on to ream Facebook’s general counsel Colin Stretch “for having 5 million advertisers, ” which Kennedy said he thought was a quantity impossible to police. “You don’t have the ability to know who every one of those advertisers is, do you? ” Kennedy expected. Stretch admitted Facebook didn’t, and it would likely be cost-prohibitive to drill down further into their identities.

Herein lies one of the toughest ongoing challenges for Twitter, Facebook and Google. They must either erect barriers to advertising that could deter innocent businesses and cost too much to administer and maintain, or they have to largely take advertisers at face value.

Facebook has written that it plans to “require more exhaustive documentation from advertisers who want to run U.S. federal election-related ads. Potential advertisers will have to confirm the business or make-up they represent before they can buy ads.” But if those identified enterprises are merely eggshell companionships, that regulation doesn’t do much good.

In the hearing’s second discussion, when asked to comment on shell business, Alliance For Securing Democracy fellow Clint Watts said, “I’m actually amazed that the Russians constructed the mistake of buying ads directly through the Internet Research Agency, ” rather than through a eggshell companionship. He called this a mistake by the Kremlin, expressing future ballot intervention could be even tougher to marks. And when asked if he guessed the tech whales can currently link who their advertisers truly are, Watts bluntly said “No.”

This issue of advertiser identity and how deep tech pulpits are required to investigate it could emerge as key to whether these companies are allowed to self-regulate or whether the administration has step in.

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‘I know you are but what am I’? Sean Spicer parody goes into comical ‘battle of nitwits’ with Lefties

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The more we seem to cover the Sean Spicer parody account( @sean_spicier ), the more Lefties seem to get a little confused him( or her) being the real Sean Spicer. You’d recollect with the number of articles written about this account that these nitwits would figure out he’s not the press secretary. Then again, it’s not like any of them really speak Twitchy or any other Conservative-leaning site, so we’re not entirely surprised.

This may be one of the best collects yet:

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Here’s why Indian consumers feel ‘OlabeatsUber’

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Image: AP

Since morning on Wednesday, #OlabeatsUber started trending on Twitter in India. Not as Ola, Uber’s local competitor, would have intended it though.

The trend seemed to have stanch from a recent report on India’s cab-hailing industry by Truecaller which “re just saying that” Ola recorded more purchaser calls than Uber in the third quarter of the year. According to Truecaller, Uber’s call publications were a third of rival Ola’s.

But most of India’s Twitterverse employed the trending hashtag to point out Olas service mistakes.

Some even dismissed it as a advertising stunt by the taxi operator.

Ola operators, specially, faced the heat as customers complained of their inconsiderate and callous behaviour. Ola operates in much more number of municipalities in India as compared to Uber, which should explain the trend. But strictly running by reactions on the Indian entanglement, this is perhaps because Uber drivers are better-trained and don’t necessitate as much handholding as their Ola counterparts do.

That should explain the lower number of calls patrons constitute to the company and vice versa.

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The Happiest Pregnant Doggo Had Her Very Own Baby Shower And Twitter Is Swooning

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Good hounds deserve to have everything their slobbery heart’s lust. And when they’re pregnant( doggo is a gender neutral word, right ?), that includes an epic newborn rain. At least, that’s the instance forpup proprietor Gisselle O. Suarez, whose pregnant dog’s baby shower has started viral on Twitter for obvious grounds. Suarez shared three photographs of her grey pit bullshit, Winter, at her rain, writing, Yes, we did throw her a child rain. It might be the sweetest occasion I’ve ever seen.

Witha off-color tutu wrap around her puppy-filled belly, Winter was all smiles in thepresence of her favorite humans. While she likely had no plan her period at the beach was actually a revel in her honor, Winter appearsgrateful in the snapshotsas she eyes a platter of sandwiches on a table beside her presents( wrap in baby pouches, OMG ).

Honestly, I’m pretty sure any pregnant human would love the same babe rained venue.

Twitter was understandably inwith Winter, but numerous customers were quick toremind Suarez about the importance of spaying animals to prevent overpopulation. To set it into position, PETA reports that only one unaltered female dog and her offspring canproduce 67,000 puppies in only six years.( So many puppies .)

Since Winter is already well into her pregnancy, though, I think it’s safe for all of us to be extremely happy for the mama pup and her nearly-here litter, visualized below.


These weepings are just allergies, it’s OK.

Me as a bird-dog mom.

People were upset they weren’t invited.

Some too wanted to know whether Winter gottoenjoy a sandwich, because I HOPE SO.

Congrats, Winter!

Now all youneeds is a dog maternity hit, and you’re mostly a monarch. I hope I look just as moderately at my future child shower.

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