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Parents Can’t Believe Their Eyes After Assuring Security Tape: Puppies Facilitate Toddler Escape Room So She’d Give Them Snacks

Golden Retriever brethren Bleu and Colby, AKA Cheese Patrol, are no strangers to fame. A timelapse video of them as puppies moving for their dinner has over 13 million views on YouTube, and now they have gone viral again after being caught in the act performs a daring jailbreak- mounting their partner-in-crime free so she can give them some snacks.

Toddler Chloe is just 15 months old and she and the dogs are the very best of pals. The inventive pups have speedily figured out that Chloe is much more generous with the snacks than her moms and pops, which is all the more reason to hang out with her as often as possible! “Colby parks himself under Chloe’s high-pitched chair every night, ” dad Chris told Bored Panda . “Lately she’s get tall enough to reach into their meat bin, so she scoops out kibble and puts it for them, often to our chagrin.”

So when breakfast time comes around, and the old number of barking outside mom and dad’s doorway wasn’t fetching any rapture, Cheese Patrol gets to work. “When 6 am moves around and they haven’t been fed hitherto, they definitely go looking, ” Chris told us. Quietly opening the door to Chloe’s room, they sneak inside and wake her up with licks and soothing nudges. When she wakes up, the pups excitedly conduct her in the direction of the snacks, and little Chloe is only too happy to oblige!

Chloe’s mom Nina was baffled to find her walking free in the hallways in the morning, as she isn’t big enough to open the bedroom doorway herself just yet. She decided to set up a video to be informed about “whats going on” and the footage of the jailbreak is extremely adorable for messages. “They certainly know exactly what they are doing, ” Chris said. “And Chloe feeds them on purpose.”

An authentic little crime syndicate! Their mornings of misbehaviour are coming to an extremity nonetheless, as software company manager Chris and his wife Nina, who is a harbour, are now moving house and security is sure to be tighter from now on. Scroll down to check out the incriminating video evidence for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Meet Golden Retriever friends Bleu and Colby, AKA’ Cheese Patrol’

15 months ago they greeted little Chloe into the family, and affection her to bits

“They are unusually gentle with her, Bleu especially, ” dad Chris told Bored Panda

“Colby gets a bit elicited sometimes, “youre seeing” he’s the one that goes right to her look and licks”

They’re the best of chums, especially since the pups have figured out that Chloe is much more generous with the snacks than mom and dad are

“Colby commons himself under Chloe’s high-pitched chair every night”

One morning Chloe’s mom Nina found the little girl wandering in the hallway

She was amazed as the toddler isn’t big enough to open the bedroom entrance herself

The mothers decided to investigate and watch the footage from the camera in Chloe’s room

What they discovered was both hilarious and adorable

Here’s how people reacted

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