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Guy Constructed A Fort For His Stressed Doctor Wife To Relax In After Work During The Pandemic

Now is one of the most difficult meters for most emergency works, especially physicians. While us regular people are simply asked to stay at home as much as possible during the COVID-1 9 pandemic, doctors are at the front line battling the virus brain on.

And while a number of large-scale initiatives facilitating physicians with anything from hospital supplies to mental aid have popped up in response to this, some people are deciding to show their assistance in other, more personal ways.

Enter Reddit user Possible-Bullfrog, who recently posted a near minute-long video of how he testified support for a person who’s not only a doctor, but also his wife.

Being a doctor is stressful as it is, but it is even more stressful now that the pandemic is at large

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Reddit user Possible-Bullfrog recently came out with a short video–just under a instant in length–of how he surprised his wife, who works as a physician at a neighbourhood university hospital. Now, being a doctor is stressful as it is, but the COVID-1 9 pandemic is reaching it a significantly greater challenge.

So, to ease his wife’s stress stages, the decision is to do several interesting thing around the house to take her mind off of the reality at work. This astound came in the form of a cozy sheet castle hooked on a number of things around the house: television sets, the coating hanger, the ladder, and the sofa. Oh, and you’d better believe that it had a mattress, some pillows, and Christmas brightness to keep things comfy and jolly.

Image recognitions: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

So, this person decided to build a cozy romantic castle for his doctor wife in hopes of reducing her stress levels

Image recognitions: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

On top of it all, he also went her favorite takeout from ClusterTruck, a delivery-only restaurant with a menu inspired by street food. This was supplemented by wine and, probably the cutest part of the astound, snuggles from two doggos and the husband.

Image ascribes: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

It’s no regular fort as it came with a mattress, snuggle puppies, and her favorite takeout and wine

Image credits: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

Once the setup was complete, he waited for his wife to return home from run. As soon as she opened the door, her attentions locked onto the table with the takeout, the wine-coloured, and the adorable letters inviting her into the gargantuan sheet stronghold to cash in her huddle coupon.

The couple waste a relaxing and romantic night dining in the fort and watching the Office.

Image recognitions: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

Needless to say, the bride was happy about it–and who wouldn’t be? It’s an amazing stronghold!

Image ascribes: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

The internet adored the video as it has amassed over 112,000 upvotes across several subreddits with thousands of comments and a number of various Reddit awardings. Some Reddit customers even asked to join them because, face it, who wouldn’t want a cool fort like that?

Let us know what small things you’re doing to support the doctors during the pandemic, or share your tactics on how to best build strongholds at home in the comments below.

Image recognitions: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin

He later posted the video on Reddit where it led viral–watch it below

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