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The family-friendly Labrador retriever has done it again: It’s the most popular purebred hound in the U.S. — for the phenomenal 25 th time in a row.

The versatile, adorable Labhas firmly planted its paw engrave in AKC’s history, ” American Kennel Club Vice President Gina DiNardo in a press release. The organization tracked how many puppies of each reproduce were registered in the past year and released the rankings on Monday.

German shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs and beagles filled out the top five, which remains unchanged from the previous year.

However, DiNardo explained that the positions “couldve been” shaken up a bit in coming years.

“Keep your eye on the French Bulldog, ” she responded. “The Frenchie has risen 32 recognises over the past decade and evidences no clues of stopping.”

Here are the 10 most popular puppies in the U.S .:

1 Retrievers( Labrador)

mdmilliman via Getty Images

The AKC describes Labs –whether pitch-black, yellow-bellied or chocolate —as friendly, active and outgoing.

2 German Shepherd Dogs

Tim Flach via Getty Images

These dogsare smart, confident and intrepid— and they’repretty good at patrolling material, extremely.

3 Retrievers( Golden)

Stan Fellerman via Getty Images

Intelligent, friendly and devotedgolden retrievers are often used in submission qualify, field trials and as guide hounds for the blind.

4 Bulldogs

Blake Little via Getty Images

Thiscalm, brave and friendlybreed originated in Britain.

5 Beagles

Lunja via Getty Images

Used for hunting, the beagles are scent hounds was regarded as merry, friendly and strange.

6 French Bulldogs

GoodLifeStudio via Getty Images

They are playful, smart and resilient, according to the AKC.

7 Yorkshire Terriers

BananaStock via Getty Images

Yorkies became fashionable in the late Victorian period. They’re known for being sprightly, tomboyish and affectionate.

8 Poodles

Anthony Lee via Getty Images

The AKC does poodles are proud, active and really smart .~ ATAGEND And let’s not forget stylish!

9 Rottweilers

KailashKSoni via Getty Images

As one of the descendants of Roman drover puppies, rotties are largely known to be loyal, affection and self-confident keepers.

10 Boxers

Michael Lofenfeld via Getty Images

Rounding off the top 10 are the fun-loving and active boxers, one of the first multiplies selected for police training in Germany.


Getting Your Dog Trained Is Easy

Cute Puppy falling asleep. Golden retriever puppy

Cute pup sleeping on the stairways.

My golden retriever pup, Cooper, thought resting on the staircases was a smart idea (our larger canine does it) it showed to be a bit of an obstacle though. Drowsy Pup.

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Right here is cooper today:.

UPDATE: I can not take the credit scores for the much gone over giggling in this video. It was our precious caretaker.
She was likewise the one that informed us that Cooper was boycotting his bed for the staircases, triggering me to get the cam.
No pets were harmed planned of this film.

*** Dec. 14th – 12 MILLION sights!


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