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US Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Rescued 90 Dogs From Korean Dog Meat Farm

Gus Kenworthy, 26, is an American freestyle skier from Colorado who recently formed headlines after rescuing 90 hounds from a puppy meat farm in South Korea while are engaged in 2018 Winter Olympics.

In 2014, during the Sochi Winter Olympics, Gus encountered two stray puppies near the Olympic Village and had to go through a long process to get them to America with him and now he took upon himself to save even more dogs.

“This morning Matt and I had a heart-wrenching stay to one of the 17,000 dog farms here in South Korea, ” he wrote on Instagram. “Across the country, “theres” 2.5 million bird-dogs being raised for meat in some of the most disturbing circumstances imaginable. Yes, there is an polemic to be made that ingesting pups is a part of Korean culture. And, while don’t personally agree with it, I do agree that it’s not my lieu to impose western ideals on the person or persons here. The channel these swine are being treated, however, is entirely inhumane and culture should never be a scapegoat for cruelty. Despite religious beliefs of some, these hounds are no different from the ones we call pets back home.”

Together with his boyfriend Matt, Gus decided to take one of the dogs home. “I is in favour of the sugared babe in the first pic( we called her Beemo) and she’ll be coming to the US to live with me as soon as she’s through with her vaccinations in a short couple of weeks. I cannot wait to give her best available life possible! ” 90 other pups from the farm are taken away from the facility to the United States and Canada for adoption with the help of Humane Society International.

Even though there are many more pups in bad circumstances, every little attempt to help countings and it’s so great that there are some amazing people, like Gus, who use their scaffold to spread awareness and help.

Gus Kenworthy, 26, is an American freestyle skier from Colorado

He lately constructed headlines after rescuing 90 puppies from a hound meat farm in South Korea while participating in 2018 Winter Olympics

“This morning Matt and I had a heart-wrenching see to one of the 17,000 dog farms here in South Korea, ” he wrote on Instagram

“Across the country, “theres” 2.5 million puppies being raised for nutrient in some of the most disturbing situations imaginable”

“Yes, there is an contention to be made that dining hounds is a part of Korean culture”

“And, while don’t personally agree with it, I do agree that it’s not my neighbourhood to impose western paragons on the people here”

“The way these animals are being treated, however, is totally inhumane and culture should never be a scapegoat for cruelty”

“Despite religious beliefs of some, these pups are no different from the ones we call pets back home”

Together with his boyfriend Matt, Gus decided to take one of the dogs residence and reputation her Beemo

“She’ll be coming to the US to live with me as soon as she’s through with her vaccinations in a short couple of weeks”

“I cannot wait to give her best available life possible! ”

90 other puppies from “the farmers ” are taken from the facility to the United States and Canada for adoption with the help of Humane Society International

It’s so great that there are some amazing beings, like Gus, who use their programme to spread awareness and help

We need more people like Gus in this macrocosm!


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Photographer Takes Portraits Of Pups That Are Perfectly Imperfect

Meet Bali Pip, the lively pup rescued from the streets of Bali suffering from mange; blind but loyal Shazza; Raul, who takes his partial paralysis in his step; and many more in a brand-new book by award-winning animal photographer Alex Cearns. Based on an original photo sequence launched on Bored Panda, these descriptions of perfectly imperfect pups will uplift and induce, spotting a special lieu in your middle with their ability to overcome physical adversity. Cearns artfully captures their intrinsic beautiful and flavor; their sweetness, resilience and strength.

“One of my most enthusiastic objects as an animal photographer is to capture the cute subtleties that make all beasts precious and unique. I desire every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as different support a special plaza in my nature. These are the canines who have lost a leg, been born without eyes, or are still presenting the scars of former misuse, ” reads Cearns. “Most swine with’ afflictions’ don’t dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without objection and they survive with resolve. They push on, ever, wanting to be included and involved in everything as much as they can, and as much as an able-bodied pet does.”

“The tenacity of animals to overcome adversity never ceases to amaze me. They attain “the worlds largest” out of life and from them I have learnt so much better about always considering the positive in all situations and never giving up.”

‘Perfect Imperfection – Dog likeness of Resilience’ and love is available from 19 th March 2018 and is a work for everyone who loves bird-dogs; devotees of the Japanese conception of wabi-sabi, or of viewing the glamour in flaw; and anyone who needs a punch of brainchild. Part proceeds from every marketing is likely to be donated to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation to help them work towards noting a dry for canine cancer.

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A Mini Horse Lived In The Worst Conditions…Until These Angels Saved His Life

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Neglect doesn’t just happen to good kittens and puppies. A mini horse reputation Sebastian is part of that…

When PETA field workers observed him, the three-foot-tall miniature pony was living in a muddied, isolated stall without food, water, or shelter. He suffered from an see infection, a blunt violence trauma to the psyche, and an injured leg.

Understandably, he was afraid of those who had caused him so much pain…other humans.

Luckily for him, though, the species saviors took him away, rehabilitated him, and held him a brand-new home…

You should have some tissues nearby.

Congratulations, Sebastian. May your periods be fitted with barnyard merriment and lots of wheeling around in the hay!

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Puppies rescued from barn fire, treated with oxygen from baby concealments

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These two-day-old puppies were gathered from a burning barn on Monday .
Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

LONDON Firefighters were forced to use miniature domesticated oxygen masks to treat two puppies rescued from a burning barn in Devon, UK, on Monday.

In a post on Facebook, Newton Abbot Fire Station shared photos of the dogs being treated with gel and oxygen after save assistances reached the situation in the early afternoon.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

Here are some photos taken by firefighters at the scene.

Firefighters administer oxygen to the puppies.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

The concealments fit over the puppy’s thoughts to help them take in the air.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

One puppy, which digested smolders, was treated with gel.

Image: facebook/ newton abbot fire station

There were five puppies in the barn when the fuel took brace. Three croaked at the scene.

The two pups pictured in the photos above were treated by firefighters and then taken to the vets. Unhappily, a spokesperson from Devon& Somerset Fire& Rescue Service confirmed to Mashable that one of the rescued puppies had now been died.

“They weren’t bad blazes but was in a wide arena and was exactly too much for the purposes of the a little puppy, ” the owner of “the farmers “, James Barter, was quoted as saying in the Torquay Herald Express . “I think of myself as moderately tough but I was pretty upset.”

He went on to say that the existing puppy seems to be doing fine.

“We have called it Blaze in honour of its magical survival, ” he said.

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Little Dogs Living In Filth At A Puppy Mill Get A New Lease On Life

It’s been said before, but it never throbs to repeat it: When you buy puppies from most pet stores, you’re actually reinforcing horrifying puppy mills.

If you’re in the search of a new bundle of joy in their own lives, please visit your neighbourhood animal shelter, save establishment, or even the pound. There are hundreds of dogs looking for desiring eternally dwellings, and if you’re looking to expand their own families, make sure your brand-new best friend isn’t the outcomes of inhumane puppy mills .

The Wollongong Animal Rescue Network lately rescued seven cute little puppies who had known nothing but a restricted and filthy life. They were spawned to be sold at a pet accumulation, but after being rescued, they’re eventually warm, fed, and have the safety that every animal deserves.

Hopefully these sugared little puppies won’t have to wait very long before someone opens up their dwelling to one of them.

You can find more information on the No Pet Store Puppies projection website and learn how you can help stop this cruelty for good.

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If You Conceive You And Your Best Friend Were Cute, You Haven’t Seen These Two

There are parties out there who waste hours at a time watching compilation videos on YouTube, and most of those compilations center all over the ridiculous antics of funny babies. I would know, because I’m one of those( lamentable, happy) beings. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve maybe accompanied the video below.

This clip indicates Lottie and Grizzly — two four-legged pals the hell is definitely cute — sharing a neat little hug. If you haven’t visualized it yet, you haven’t lived( or maybe you have a social life, unlike myself ).

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Who’s your best friend? Ft. Grizzly

Posted by Lottie on Thursday, December 3, 2015

But what you probably didn’t know is that this hug didn’t start as some treasured ploy to income partisans on social media. These two are actually fixed at the hip, and the coldnes, inhuman world-wide is a better place because of it.

This is a picture of Lottie and her mummy, Taylor Duguay.

And here’s Grizzly. No one was sure how Lottie would react to the brand-new additive, but much to their pleasure, the pup took to Grizzly instantly.

As their lucky human explained to BuzzFeed, “Lottie and Grizzly have been inseparable since day one. Lottie rightfully believes that Grizzly is her own puppy.”

Judging by these photos, I think it’s safe to say that the dynamic duo wants us to drown in our own tears.

And if that’s the occurrence, assignment accomplished.

In case you haven’t been thrown deep enough into this fissure of unadulterated cuteness, Duguay said that Lottie started hugging Grizzly on her own while they were working on some other tricks.

I can tell from these scenes that Lottie and Grizzly’s two favorite tasks are hiking and being perfect.

If this is necessary me, I’ll be coughing and sobbing on the shoulder of my extremely, very confused dog.

( via BuzzFeed)

As evidenced by these two, there is some good left in the world. To keep up with their preciousness and to start the world’s largest collection of human rights tears, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook! Your mental health issues and overall worldview will thank you.

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Firefighters Get A Heartwarming Reunion With 6 Bird-dogs They Saved From A House Fire

Firefighters often have no meaning what to expect when they bravely enter burning homes. That makes what they do even more stunning. These courageous men and women gamble their lives to ensure that we make it out of terrifying places unscathed, and they likewise do their best to save our four-legged friends.

When this group of firefighters from Sandusky County, Ohio, raced into a home that was engulfed in flames, they were reacted with howls for help. What they found were six terrified crater police trying to get at refuge as the members of this house began to fall down around them. Fortunately, the firefighters got the three adults and three puppies out of there before anything happened to them.

A few days later, the grateful pups had a chance to express their gratitude.

Look at those posteriors! These pups didn’t forget for one second that this gang saved them from adversity. They all walked away with acquaintances for life.

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This Dog Was Living Under A Shopping Cart, But She Wasn’t Precisely Alone

When Rescue From The Hart got a phone call about a move pup living under a store cart, they set out to save her life. To their astound, there was much more to her legend than instantly convened the eye.

Los Angeles-based Annie and James Hart founded the non-profit hound rescue in 2014. With the aid of voluntaries, donors, and social media, they’ve been able to rescue numerous puppies and lieu them in forever residences.

Every rescue is special, but they’ll never forget Bailey. How they saved her life( and a few others) is something that you have to see for yourself.

Bailey the dog was met are living in a discarded shopping cart. A neighbour had been kind enough to leave her nutrient and liquid and call for help.

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Rescuers slowly gained her trust with treats. As they crept closer, they got a big astound. Bailey was pregnant!

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I Rescued A Husky And Later He Saved Me From An Abusive Relationship

I received Kyro through an ad on Craigslist. His Baby had abandoned Kyro and his 9 siblings. The proprietor sent out a plea online for assistance in developing the puppies. I gladly volunteered and helped to bottle feed, make and find the puppies homes. Kyro objective up coming home with me because I couldn’t fight his chunky puppy belly!

When I adopted Kyro I was captured in an abusive rapport, in which I had lost all hope of elude. Kyro became my excuse to go on escapades and flee developments in the situation. Ultimately, I left my ex due to him beginning to target Kyro with his violence. Kyro was and is my world- I couldn’t bare to see anything happen to him. After several months of us being out of developments in the situation and adventuring around- I saw a deep anger for photography. Capturing our trips together became my inspiration and gave me the courage to find my happy and strength once again. A armistice settled in my someone and I found our daily adventures to be a healing process that began to fixing me inside and out.

The nickname Goldilocks and the Wolf was given to us by my Mother. With my long blonde “hairs-breadth” and Kyro’s Agouti coloring- the epithet simply deposited. It became my Instagram name and the mention of my photography business. Through the lens of my camera I tried to capture the’ Fairy-tale’ minutes we were identifying in our passage together. Fairy-tales surely are better when you have a Knight in reflecting armor. Or, in my occurrence, a blue-eyed hero covered in hair. Together we have learned to stop and enjoy even the most simple of moments. And we both surely revalue the moments that perfectly take your breath away. I have caught Kyro so many times just sitting and watching the world around him. With Kyro by my side I’ve learned to brave and try situations I would have never considered before. For sample, waking up at 3AM to hike a mountain simply to watch the sun comb over the mountains.

Where would I be had Kyro not come into “peoples lives”? I honestly can’t answer that interrogate. I simply weigh my blessings every day that he culminated up with me. Kyro’s happiness and my delight had now become thoughtfulness of one another. Focusing on photography should certainly opened my eyes to the world around me. Pigments, sees and homes ogle so much more vibrant and full of life. The ponder around me has absorbed me into a constant state of Wanderlust. Kyro parent a pall from my life. He rent back all of my panics and genuinely interpret right into my feeling. He showed me the person or persons I couldn’t see inside myself. The party “hes seen” and enjoyed. He has helped me to become the person I’ve ever wanted to be- inside of the shade of myself I was before. It’s hard to look into Kyro’s gazes and not attend an old feeling there. An understanding of things that departed greater than myself. His attentions are like looking into the eyes of someone who has lived a hundred life times.

Now I am working on sharing my narrative with the world. It has not be easy to relive the retentions of the past misuse, but my goal is to help inspire others that are in( or were in) status like excavation. To facilitate others see that there is a positive after all of the negative and that one day … You will find yourself again. I detected my four-legged Knight- who knows where yours is waiting.

That’s us- Goldilocks and the Wolf

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Parties Rescue Dogs All The Time, But For This Woman, It Was The Other Way Around

Spend five minutes online and you’re bound to come across tales of humans saving swine in need.

They pluck “cat-o-nine-tails” from dumpsters, puppies from cartons on the side of the road, and age-old pups from distressing lives spent on unclean street corners. They do important work for those who cannot do it for themselves — swine that rely on human kindness that they are able to never passed.

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But if you have a pet, you know that they do just as much saving. They do it every day. They curl up in our laps when we’re screaming and run around like crazy when we’re chortling. They sit on the flooring next to us when we’re just tired or very stressed or too sad to get up. Shannon Kopp known to be better than anyone. Had it not been for the cherish of shelter dogs, she may never have gotten up again.

The lifelong animal devotee and complete scribe is dealing with more than her fair share of hard knocks growing up. Her papa, although a affectionate boy, struggled with craving. She dealt with a few beasts herself, and those beasts virtually killed her.

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For times, Kopp pushed an anorexia nervosa that are typically left her sensitive broken down and segregated. “My eight-year battle with bulimia started with a plan to lose some weight. Not to lose my teeth and hopes and reveries, ” she writes.

But as its first year wore on, that agitation slowly stole everything. In an effort to regain control, “shes seen” therapists. She took medication. She spoke to strangers on hotlines across the country in an effort to feel floored from where she sat, and sat, and sat next to the lavatory that compiled every snack when it came back up.

But all of that changed when she stepped into the San Diego Humane Society. Therapy never laboured, prescriptions never helped, but shelter pups saved her.

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In her texts, “It was there, in unclean kennels and minuscule chambers, that an unexpected and transformative kind of healing took place.”

“The anxious and broken person who moved into the kennel faded into the background, and in its lieu, there was simply an spate of passion between a girl and a dog.”

As anyone who has ever accepted with emotional or psychological trauma will tell you, those wounds dawdle. But instead of realise room in the quarry of her belly, Kopp now invests her daylights shaping area in her mettle for the dogs that were in her life and change it forever.

Kopp wrote a work that compensates due homage to her skirmishes and celebrates her prevail that ride in on the backs of shelter dogs.

To hear the rest of Shannon Kopp’s story, ensure that you are seizure a mimic of her book. For a front-row bench to her numerous escapades, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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