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20 Bird-dogs Who Are So Joyous With Themselves, You Won’t Be Able To Stop Smiling, Too

When you do something awesome, your confidence goes through the roof. You can’t help but smile, stand a bit taller, gulp your chest out a bit further…and as it turns out, our puppies are exactly the same! Whether they just fetched a projectile back truly efficiently or sorted the scrap into important batches, these hounds are super proud of their accomplishments and can’t help but wear their pride on their faces.

1. “Dad! Search what I find! “

2. “No big deal, but I made this little dude.”

3. Tugg assassinates with his new identify tag.

4. Jack is a boss K9 cop.

5. “This hole is bigger than all the holes put together.”

6. “You’re welcome.”

7. She munched a hole in her pellet so she could keep walking like this.

8. “I graduated. That signifies it’s Mister Fido to you.”

9. He worked long and hard to hide this cache until it was ready.

10. “They’re ALL mine.”

11. “I shall have them all! “

12. Looks like someone already beat him to it…

13. “I know…I don’t look a date over two.”

14. “Pride with a capital P for puppy! “

15. You can’t see how proud she is for ruminating a gap in her doll, but she is.

16. “I observed my forever family! “

17. “I’m kind of a big deal, “…is what I imagine he’s trying to say.

18. “I retrieved a stick.” Well, we’ll give him an A for effort.

19. She doesn’t care that they look a bit different.

20. The examination of pure exhilaration — and possibly some exhaustion.

It’s hard-boiled not to do a little dance for all these proud puppies. You do you, people!

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