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Nobility Campuses Offer Students Coloring Books, Puppies to Get Over Trump

The post-election freak-out on nobility campuses is total, and is made all the worse because students on these campuses never convene anyone who disagrees with them. “>

In the wake of the election, numerous university student at nobility colleges and universities have come down with serious cases of PTSD: President Trump Stress Disorder.

Their inability to anticipate this outcomethe election of Donald Trumpshould inspire the Ivy League to consider whether its really educating students for life outside the radical foam of campus.

To equip students with the resources they need to refute Trumpism, colleges have to stop shielding them from meanings that offend their radical insights. They have to stop professing that shutting down its consideration of the item is the same concept as acquiring an proof. Silence is not persuasion.

At Cornell University, exhausted students sat outside in stun the morning after the election. The Cornell Daily Sun, which live-streamed the muster , invited sees to cry with us. Attendees indicated that they are heartbroken and terrified.

Elsewhere, at campuses across the country, students asked professors to nullify classes and defer exams, quoting horror, tired, and psychological damage. Such accommodations were frequently awarded : Academics at Columbia University, Yale University, the University of Connecticut, and other institutions told students to take some time to come to terms with what had happened, as if the election of the members of Donald Trump was akin to a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

That wasnt all. Law students at the University of Michigan were provided with a post-election self-care with meat and play incident, complete with stress busting acts like play lettuce, coloring books, legos, and foams. Columbia Universitys Barnard College offered hot chocolate and colouring. The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League academy, made a healing cavity: more coloring books, and too puppies.

There were actual cats and a puppy there, one UPenn student, Daniel Tancredi, told The College Fix. The incident as a whole seemed to be an flee from the reality of the election results.

One wonders whether some campuses have routinely provided too much of an flee from world, if the election has reduced their students to weepings, play lettuce, and a whole lot of coloring books.

To be sure, there are good reasons for students to be disheartened by Trumps victory. Candidate Trump committed to evict illegal immigrants, his government could curtail LGBT claims, and his embracing of Steve Bannon and the alt-right has emboldened white-hot domination, to identify precisely a few. Left-leaning students hurl outbursts all the time, but this tantrum has the virtue of being grounded in lawful concernunlike, answer, Christina Hoff Sommers coming to campus or someone wearing a culturally appropriative Halloween costume .

Intensifying this post-election freak-out reflects the fact that almost no one considered it comingand thats even more true on numerous college campuses than it is for other similarly blindsided institutions, like the left-of-center media. Campuses are remarkably devoid of conservative, Republican, and independent spokespeople, especially at the most selective and well-regarded schools. To give one example, just a single Princeton University faculty member made a donation to the Republican candidate in 2012. You would be more likely to encounter a Trump-sympathetic academic on the surface of the moon or the bottom “of the worlds oceans” than at Harvard or Yale.

All this ideological similarity has a cost, wrote Charles Camosy, an assistant professor of moralities at Fordham University, in a recent op-ed for The Washington Post .

Camosy developed on the problem in an interview.

People who are college educated, especially on hot button issues like life or selection or sex or wedding, are unable to even imagine how person might have a different sentiment, he told The Daily Beast. Theyve never been exposed to a different sentiment except as a caricature.

The purpose of college is to educate students and prepare them to succeed in the real world. But the rest of the country is distinctly unlike campus: It is filled with people who represent a wide range of political beliefs, religion traditions, income levels, and racial backgrounds. And it is filled with people who wanted Trump to be the next chairman of the United States.

Not all students are evenly sheltered, of course: Cherry-red nation universities no doubt had a much larger proportion of Trump comforters. On these campuses, at least, liberals had to debate their conservative classmates. But on nobility campuses , not so.

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