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Oh the places this cute puppy goes in this epic Photoshop battle

Fact: Puppies are the cutest. Corgi puppies, even more so.

So can we blame the internet using was intended to Photoshop this adorable corgi puppy into as many different places as is practicable?

Image: javareallysucks/ reddit

No. We cannot. In information, we encourage and we commemorate the results of this incredible Reddit Photoshop battle. Thank you for spreading this glad corgi everywhere it seemed proper, and even some places where it wasn’t appropriate.

We first travel to Spain, where this pupper is about to school some police how actual operate is done.

Image: stupidphotoshop/ reddit

This pup is so photogenic that Reddit constructed it the spokesdog for its brand-new pup food.

Image: KrombopulosJeff/ Reddit

Someone dreamt this puppy as the next city-wrecking monster. With a appearance like that, we should just let him do it.

Image:] workingat7/ reddit

His cuteness is so overwhelming, even cheetahs can’t handle it.

Image: useingatlin/ reddit

This doggo is also active in the community, doing his part to promote equality for all.

Image: albo_underhill/ reddit

You never know what cute animals live deep in the desert.

Image: AttackPony/ reddit

We would risk the zombies to pet this pup.

Image:] smudgyboar/ reddit

This corgi truly desires everyone, even giving Putin hitch a ride.

Image: gnostic_cat/ reddit

With a smile like that, this pup is ready for Hollywood. He examines right at home in Forrest Gump .

Image: goodboyotis/ Reddit

Keep cutin’ it up, doggo. The internet loves you.

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Maternity photoshoots are significantly cuter when they virtuoso pregnant hounds

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As of Tuesday, Chanel and LeeRoy are now the proud parents of a new offspring of puppies.

But just a few days before, the pair celebrated their last few days of discretion with a maternity photoshoot far superior to any human’s.

Image: amy rients

LeeRoy’s owner Amy Rients tells Mashable that the joyous duo found one another through a reciprocal friend.

“Our hounds kind of got match made by our bird-dog groomer, ” she says. “She’s actually my very best friend, and she knew “were in” kind of , not appearing actively, but we had not neutered our bird-dog just in case we wanted to engender him. When she led across Chanel, she handed[ Sorensen] our phone number.”

A few dates before the due date, Rients returned LeeRoy to Chanel’s owner Kennedy Sorensen’s farm to stage the film. When Sorensen shared the finished product on Twitter, their fib blew up. The tweet itself garnered more than 37,000 likes and 22,000 retweets.

Sorensen tells Mashable that the puppies are in good health, adding, “Chanel is an stunning baby! “

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Image: seth casteel

Do you ever lose track of time looking at cat photos on Instagram? Do your loved ones consistently beg you to pull your face away from your phone?

You know the answer is yes. And honestly, this book of cat photos is the perfect solution.

Seth Casteel’s POUNCE, a coffee table book that comes out today, features gorgeous photos of adorable airborne cats in a variety of settings.

POUNCE follows up Casteel’s previous literary ventures, which include Underwater Babies and Underwater Puppies.


The cats in the photos are all from animal shelters and rescue groups in the U.S. and Canada. Every cat who modeled for the book was available for adoption or already rescued during the photoshoots.

“At the heart of the book is Casteels commitment to showcasing animals who are in need of human love, attention, and care yet who sadly have not always received it,” reads the the book’s press release.

It also explains more of Casteel’s process behind POUNCE.

An essential gift for cat lovers, this beautiful, funnybook, with more than 80 previously unpublished photographs, reveals adorable cats and kittensas they pounce and jump through the air, legs outstretchedall in Casteels signature up-close, mid-action style. His latest collection of animal portraits features cats doing what they do best. In fact, as he reminds us, pouncing is cats undisputed number one instinct, making them among the most incredible creatures on earth.

And now, please sit back and enjoy the following photos of pouncing cats.










POUNCE is available online, starting at about $17.00.

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Glamorous chihuahua gets Beyonc-themed maternity photo shoot

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Beyonc broke the internet, and quite possibly the world, when she announced her pregnancy at the start of February.

Just in case you’ve been in living underground for the past couple of weeks, Beyonc’s pregnancy announcement came in the form of a now iconic Instagram photo. Queen B is regally accommodated in front of a cascade of buds, with a fragile light-green curtain resting over her head.

Almost immediately, parties tried to emulate Beyonc’s look, ironically or otherwise. And now even pups are channeling their inner goddess with a Beyonc-themed maternity photo shoot.

Meet Gwen, a goody chihuahua who is about to become a momma dog.

Gwen’s owner, Geovanna, has known about her maternity for a while but wasn’t quite sure how to announce it to the world.

“I didn’t know how, ” Geovanna said, “but when I accompanied Beyonc announce hers it was the perfect fit since my bird-dog is having twinneds as well.”

Image: Geovanna Hernandez/ twitter

Geovanna nailed Beyonc’s look by dressing Gwen up with sheer green fabric and ensuring the backdrop had ample blooms. Gwen is even rocking a dark red ribbon, that very much resembles the dark red bra that Beyonc wears in her Instagram photo.

Image: Geovanna Hernandez/ twitter

Image: Geovanna Hernandez/ twitter

“She is due to have the babies by Feb. 14 or 15, ” Geovanna told us.

We wish Gwen all the best. Her twins will be luck to have such a glamorous and on-trend mother.

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Some hounds are just destined for greatness.

Meet Tea, a 5-year-old Afghan hound who’s become something of an internet awarenes in the past time. With her long silky locks, superb posture and vacant looks, ‘Tea’ has everything it takes to become an international puppy supermodel.

Just look at her.

Tea lives in Sydney, Australia, with her owned, LukeKavanagh. He knew she was beautiful, but he never fairly expected Tea to become this popular.

“Even our weekend steps attract a gang. She pretends she doesnt motive the attention, but she certainly cherishes it, just like any supermodel, ” Kavanagh told The Daily Telegraph .

A photo of Tea recently moved viral and was shared over a million times.

The dog has become a spokesman/ barksman for Royal Canine and was recently featured in an ad campaign for Harriot and Hounds’ bird-dog perfume.

As much as Tea is enjoying her newfound renown, her administrator/ owner Luke Kavanagh has been forced to turn down farther renders from corporations wanting to showcase the dog 😛 TAGEND

“Her retirement is due to no other intellect than I reached a extent where picture( grooming and show period) was taking me away from spend some time with my family and I want to prioritize them over campaigning my dog, ” Kavanagh told The Daily Telegraph .

For now, we’ll exactly have settle for these breathtaking, unhappily non-pettable photographs.

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Pregnant dog ambles onto Moscow metro train, returns delivery

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Moscow passengers watched the miracle of life on Monday when a pregnant stray bird-dog wandered onto a metro teach and granted birth to puppies.

Per Sputnik News, customers were asked to leave the set after the dog presented delivery to her first puppy. She caused birth to the rest of her offspring in the empty set car.

A Moscow Metro representative tells Sputnik that the dog and her puppies had now been endeavoured to live animals middle. The work shared photos of the canine lineage on Twitter, alongside a number to call for those interested in adoption.

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