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‘I know you are but what am I’? Sean Spicer parody goes into comical ‘battle of nitwits’ with Lefties

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The more we seem to cover the Sean Spicer parody account( @sean_spicier ), the more Lefties seem to get a little confused him( or her) being the real Sean Spicer. You’d recollect with the number of articles written about this account that these nitwits would figure out he’s not the press secretary. Then again, it’s not like any of them really speak Twitchy or any other Conservative-leaning site, so we’re not entirely surprised.

This may be one of the best collects yet:

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This grim charade of a kids’ plaything advert makes a powerful part about swine cruelty

Sometimes , good-for-nothing gets the meaning across fairly like a hard-hitting parody.

In the video above, the International Fund for Animal Welfare( IFAW) invokes awareness about the hazards of the puppy trade with a frightful charade of a children’s stuffed toy advert.

“Introducing the brand-new Suzy Puppy! ” moans a gleeful voiceover narrator as the advert embarks. “The pup that everyone loves! “

It’s not long before acts take a dark spin, though.

“Suzy comes with the destructive Parvo Virus! ” persists the narrator in a similar manner. “And conjunctivitis! And diarrhea!

“And that’s not all: constrict her, and she moans! “

The clip ends with the “girls ” immersing her plaything, before the narrator’s expres changes tone and gives a theme telling beings not to unwittingly supporting brutal puppy farming.

“When you’re buying a puppy, ever recollect P.U.P.S, ” adds the narrator. “Meet the pup’s mother. Is it underage? Check its papers. Check the pup for sickness.”

More information about the campaign can be found on the IFAW’s website.

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