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Millennials abandoned cereal: General Mill is betting that minors and older people will bring it back

New York( CNN Business) General Mills has a cereal problem. It conceives children and aging boomers can help solve it.

To strengthen the category, General Mills is trying a number of different things, like recline into wistful, sugary cereals and exploring brand-new meat tendencies. It’s likewise enlisting on modifying demographics in the United Commonwealth to help boost marketings, said Jonathon Nudi, radical chairperson of North America retail for General Mill, during a recent investor daylight production.

According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, the population of children in the United Nation has resulted in a reduction or about flat for the past several years. In 2010, there are still 74.1 million children in the US. In 2017 that figure was 73.7 million. The group projects that number will tick back up to 74.1 million in 2020, and stumbled 75 million in 2025.


Mustachioed puppy becomes viral, called for similarity to Salvador Dali

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Mother Punished Kids By Boiling Their Puppies: Police

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A mother in New Mexico is facing child abuse accuses after dominions said she made her children watch her simmer their puppies alive as punishment.

Martha Crouch, 53, of Cedar Valley, was charged Monday with child abuse, extreme inhumanity to animals and impedimentum of investigation, according to the Farmington Daily Times . Her partner, Timothy Crouch, 57, was charged with obstruction.

Horrific floors of defamation began running from some of the couple’s 15 children after police began investigating a speciman that led to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon against an adult child, according to The Associated Press .

San Juan County sheriff’s sleuths described the Crouch home as a residence of frights where family members were abused, tortured and forced to witness extreme animal cruelty.

A teenage daughter told police that after one of their own families puppies gave birth, the mother “took the puppies and introduced them into a giant utensil and boiled them, making all the kids watch, ” according to tribunal documents.

Another girl said her mother lash her until she had a miscarriage after she got pregnant at 14. A third girl alleged she was kept in a “fat chain” for three years because her mom expect she was overweight.

A son told investigators he still “had BBs still inside his arm from when the mother shot him with a shotgun.”

One of the couple’s grown kids denied the floors. Timothy Crouch, 31, told Albuquerque TV station KOB that his ”mom and dad are some of the best people you’ll meet.”

He included: “My mom’s a great person. I intend, if it wasn’t for my mama, I’d literally living a life in a ditch, and my dad is who realized me who I am today.”

The New Mexico Children, Youth and Household Department, which took imprisonment of the four youngest juveniles, detected corruption allegations that have bird-dog the mothers as they moved from place to place to avoid investigations, including Alaska, Kansas, Missouri and Montana, according to the New York Post .

The couple, who does not already have advocates, are due in courtroom on Wednesday.

Numerous studies have linked cruelty to animals and savagery toward humen, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.


Five years penitentiary for worst animal inhumanity

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People found guilty of the worst cases of animal savagery will face up to five years in prison under a brand-new law proposed for England and Wales.

A Parliamentary bill from Environment Secretary Michael Gove develops the maximum term from six months.

The harshest convicts would be for dog pushing, abuse of puppies and kittens, or gross forget of farm animals.

The bill augments the so-called Finn’s Law, which provides more protection for service dogs and horses.

Courts have indicated they wanted to hand down longer convicts in recent years but they were not available.

‘Shocking cases’

The new Animal Welfare( Sentencing) Bill has backing from the public and welfare groups, and more than 70% of parties subscribed plans for tougher prison term in a public consultation last year.

Police hound Finn’s rule comes into force Puppy farm ban set to be confirmed Wild animals to be ‘banned from move circuses’ Image caption Appearing on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, PC Wardell described Finn as a “lovely, lovely lad”


16 Dog Food Brands May Be Linked To Canine Heart Disease, FDA Says

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Federal health officials have identified 16 hound meat labels that may be linked to a mysterious rise in canine heart disease, leading to warnings by veterinarians about favourite “grain-free” diets.

The Food and Drug Administration in a report secreted Thursdaycalled the increase “puzzling” after reviewing more than 500 recent cases of canine distended cardiomyopathy, or DCM. In almost all of the cases, the dog had been regularly eating a mostly grain-free product, it said.

The majority of those products came from the brands Acana, Zignature, Taste of the Wild, 4Health, Earthborn Holistic, Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Domain, Fromm, Merrick, California Natural, Natural Balance, Orijen, Nature’s Variety, NutriSource, Nutro and Rachael Ray Nutrish.

Most cases involved dry bird-dog food formulations that were grain-free and contained peas and/ or lentils.

Most events involved dry dog meat formulations but raw, semimoist and soaking nutrients were also included. Practically all of the meals were grain-free and contained peas and/ or lentils. Virtually half contained potatoes and/ or sweet potatoes.

Golden retrievers were the most common breed feigned, though the FDA cautioned that it had celebrated a reporting bias for the dog breed due to breed-specific social media groups and activities that parent awareness of the questions and urged owners and veterinarians to submit reports to the FDA. Occurrences involving felines were also studied, though there were only 14 reported.

Though the cases have some strong similarities, exactly what is causing DCM among other issues remains unknown.

“Another puzzling aspect of the recent spike in DCM specimen is that they have existed only in the last few years. The FDA is working with the pet food industry to better understand whether changes in parts, part sourcing, processing or formulation may have contributed to the development of DCM, ” the FDA said.

The FDA launched an investigation into DCM’s potential ties to dog meat in 2018 after picturing an increase in DCM examples among puppy raises that are not frequently prone to the heart disease.

The FDA propelled an investigation into DCM’s potential ties to dog food in July 2018 following an uptick in reported DCM subjects that included reproductions that are not often prone to the heart disease. Of the 560 DCM occurrences reported to the FDA, 119 of the dogs have died, it said.

Several of the labels have liberated affirmations representing their concoctions and noting that the FDA’s investigation remains ongoing.

“To date, the FDA still has not find any science-based causes to link grain-free foods — including Taste of the Wild — to DCM. As they note, it is a complex issue with countless parts to consider. We continue to monitor this issue closely and foundation ongoing investigate struggles, ” Taste of the Wild said during a statement on Facebook.

Though the FDA is not urging the public to discontinue use of the labels, some veterinarians are calling the “grain-free” diet an wasteful cult that should be reconsidered.

It’s not entirely clear why the 16 puppy food labels were most likely to be linked to a action of DCM. Veterinarian are insisting owners to switch to a firebrand that satisfies extensive character limit and testing.

“The whole grain-free thing is a popular myth, ” John de Jong, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association, told The New York Times. “If they look at the dogs’ relatives in the wild, like coyotes, wolves and hyenas, they live on their target. Those swine they prey on are typically herbivores, so they are ingesting cereals anyway.”

Dr. Lisa Freeman, a veterinary nutritionist and researcher with the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft University, has also called grain-free foods mainly useless. She further warned of small-minded, boutique corporations and products offering exotic ingredients.

“The fact is that food allergies are very uncommon, so there’s no interest of feeding pet meat containing exotic parts, ” she stated in a past blog berthabout the potential link between DCM and a dog’s nutrition. “And while grains have been accused on the internet of causing nearly every disease known to bird-dogs, grains are not conducive to any health problems and are used in pet food as a nutritious beginning of protein, vitamins, and minerals.”

Freeman advised switching from a small pet food manufacturer — which she said may be better at market than nutrition and quality hold — to one that encounters extensive excellence restrain and testing.

Freeman furnishes this online guide on how to select your dog’s food.

Dr. Bruce Kornreich, a veterinary cardiologist in the ministries of clinical sciences at the Veterinary College of Cornell University and accompany director of the Cornell Feline Health Center, likewise counselled this, telling NBC News that consumers should select a food that’s “produced by a company with a long-standing history.”


Humankind accused in$ 5M golden robbery, reward offered for capture

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Federal prosecutors have formally charged a fugitive in the 2015 burglary of a tractor-trailer carrying virtually$ 5 million in gold bars.

U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami announced Thursday that 56 -year-old Pedro Santamaria has been indicted on robbery and handgun attacks. The FBI is officering up to $ 10,000 for info leading to his arrest and conviction.

Authorities say Santamaria, Adalberto Perez and Roberto Cabrera justification harmful vapours to replenish the cabin of the TransValue Inc. truck that was transporting gold saloons from Miami to Boston. Two armed robbers removed and fixed the TransValue employees and then transposed the gold rails to their vehicle and fled.

Cabrera was previously sentenced to roughly 20 times for the burglary, and Perez received more than 11 years.

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Prescribing deer dung and bird slippers

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Image copyright Wellcome Collection Image caption Simon Forman courted public attention with his desegregate of medicine, sorcery and astrology

What would you do if you thought your children had turned into “rats and mice”? Or if you had the “French disease”? Or had trouble with voodoos?

In 16 th Century England, you might have visited two personality “doctors”, Simon Forman and Richard Napier.

After 10 years of research, Cambridge historians are digitising some of their patient accounts, showing how they prescribed occult as well as medicine.

The accounts too testify cases being told to wear dead pigeons as slippers.

There are 80,000 separate action tones, from the 1590 s to the 1630 s, in what is described as one of the biggest such historical medical collectings in existence.

‘Rapier in the privy parts’

But they have been notoriously difficult to decipher and a unit of Cambridge University investigates wasted times transcribing their contents, with 500 being digitised, put into accessible English and made available online.

These give an insight into the physical and mental nervousness of Shakespearean England – whether being “thrust with a rapier in his privy parts” or suffering from being “mopish” or “melancholy”.

Image caption A case with venereal disease in 1601 is described as having “morbum gallicum” or the “French disease”

Prof Lauren Kassell, who headed the research, describes the illnesses and antidotes as a “wormhole into the grubby and enigmatic nature of 17 th Century medicine, supernatural and the occult”.

Witchcraft seemed to be a significant worry – accused by cases for a whole range of ailments and with the memoes constructing reference to a number of witches “whove been” executed as a result.

Angelic advice

Prof Kassell says both doctors and cases affected seamlessly between the physical world, astrology, supernatural and belief, all of which were desegregated together to come up with remedies.

That voodoos or evil spirits had caused an illness would have been “entirely credible at the time”, she says, with counter-curses available.

Image caption The case greenbacks prove astrological computations as part of offering a remedy

In one of the cases, evil spirits had engulf a patient so that he saved piquing beings by wailing: “Kisse myne arse.”

Even by the standards of 17 th Century medicine, some of their approachings were seen as eccentric.

Prof Kassell says Richard Napier would often get extra help by consulting angels.

But it wasn’t ever good word. One case was given the instead gloomy outlook from an angel consultant: “He will die shortly.”

‘Bagged as a lunatic’

Simon Forman, an astrologer and healer, provoked a different type of suspicion, with his energetic woo of famous cases gleaning the disbelief of “real” physicians.

Whether any of the dries “worked”, Prof Kassell says, is a complex question.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption An engraving of a 16 th Century “charlatan” surgeon

In the context of the time, these were efforts by parties to overcome questions, she says. If they followed the recommendation to use leeches from Beaconsfield rather than Dorchester, did it see them feel better?

“People ever want to do something about an illness, ” she says. Even if the “cures” seem implausible, it is difficult to assess the benefit of going to get help and talking about problems.

Mental-health problems are often conjured – whether parties producing depressive symptoms, under the label of “melancholy”, or other repeated notes to “lunatics”.

There were often stern therapies, with beings being tied and held, and one male who claimed to be falsely accused of madness fretted he would be “bagged as a lunatic”.

Suckling puppies

Venereal cancers likewise seemed to be widespread, with many cases talking about what was called the “French disease”.

A patient suffering from the “pox, with simmers and itch” was prescribed a combining including lifts, violets, steamed crabs and deer dung.

Prof Kassell says many of cases might seem unlikely.

“But even the peculiar situations might turn out to be in reality, ” she says.

In one case, a woman was described as suckling puppies.

‘Tip of the iceberg’

Prof Kassell says this would have been seen as a broad hint about magic – but it was also the subject that if females had problems breastfeeding, there was a folk belief in using puppies to encourage the flow of milk.

That still might not explain the cure of “pigeon slippers”, which preferably literally involved opening up monkeys to attach to a patient’s feet.

The light cast on 17 th Century society by the casebooks is both uplifting and disturbing, Prof Kassell says.

“In one style, it’s a really horrible view – but on another, there is this nice pastoral culture, ” she says.

It likewise establishes a very different worldview, living close to the natural environment and suffused profoundly in religion and supernatural faiths.

There was no gap between the “spiritual and the natural”, Prof Kassell says, and beings proceeded between the two realms.

The transcriptions so far are the “tip of the iceberg”, she adds. There are “thousands of sheets of cryptic scrawl full of astral symbols” and transcribing the whole collection would take another 20 times.

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Dame Missed For Tossing Bag Of Puppies Beside Coachella Dumpster

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Authorities in Southern California are looking for a woman who was filmed supposedly flinging a handbag of newborn puppies beside a dumpster in the city of Coachella before driving away.

Surveillance video take just after 1 p.m. Thursday captivates the woman driving up to a sequence of dumpsters behind a Napa Auto Parts parking lot in a lily-white Jeep Wrangler. After inspecting the contents of one dumpster, she tosses the plastic baggage on the floor beside a second dumpster before turning and getting back into her vehicle, video liberated by the Riverside County Department of Animal Work shows.

She appears to be wearing a high ponytail, dark sunglasses, a container crown, sneakers and a short skirt while committing the act.

Authorities credited a passerby referred John who was rummaging through the trash with discovering the puppies approximately an hour after the woman took off. All seven members of them are believed to be terrier concoctions and about three days old.

“If not for the Good Samaritan’s activities, the puppies may not have existed long long. The mid-day temperatures in Coachella on Thursday were in the mid-9 0s array, ” the animal services department said in a Facebook post.

Animal Services Commander Chris Mayer lauded the man as a hero.

“His actions were humane and gallant, ” he said in a secrete that likewise bombed the woman’s wars as “shameful.”

“There is no excuse for dumping puppies, ” Mayer said. “Especially in today’s age when we or other shelters would be willing to get these swine to foster parents or rescue spouses. This was a scandalou act.”

The puppies have been placed in foster care and are expected to be all right, the county said.

The incident came amid the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which gathers a fill of music followers from around the world. Its day of reckoning was on Sunday.

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South Korean animal claims group chairman accused of privately euthanizing hundreds of dogs

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Park So-yeon, the director of one of South Korea’s most prominent animal claims groups, CARE, is being asked to step down after she was accused of being involved in the euthanization of hundreds of hounds at a “no kill” shelter ( CARE)

The director of one of South Korea’s most prominent animal privileges groups is being asked to step down by employees of one of the country’s largest shelters, after being accused of secretly euthanizing hundreds of hounds despite operating on a “no kill” policy.

Park So-yeon, who heads the Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth( CARE) group, admitted to membership in a Facebook post that their shelter has euthanized some pups, but exclusively as a last resort if they were sick or exceedingly aggressive.

But Lim Hee-jin, a senior administrator at CARE, told South Korean investigate website Newstapathat Park was instrumental in the needle euthanization of more than 230 dogs over the last three years.

Animal rescue, specific dog save, is a contentious issue in South Korea. As more South Koreans starting to own dogs as pets, many shelters like CARE proclaim they cater a dwelling for pups that were once destined for the meat swap. That honour, nonetheless, reportedly proved to be too much of a strain on the resources at CARE, and numerous puppies were euthanized as a result.

CARE rose to notoriety in 2017, when South Korean President Moon Jae-in, a known swine claims enthusiast, adopted the country’s “first dog, ” Tory, from the shelter. Since then, the shelter’s “1 00% no kill” policy has inspired as numerous as 23,000 members to join their crusade, leading to two billion won( about $1.8 million) in donations annually, the Telegraphreports.

However, Lim claims that the standard of remain every bird-dog at the shelter alive led to mass overcrowding. Eventually, service standards for euthanizing dogs fell from merely putting down animals who were sick or aggressive, to reasons much more vague and general, such as being too big to be comfortable in the space.

Once the dogs were put down, they were reportedly registered as being adopted.

( Reuters)

In one highly circulated contest, CARE rescued 44 dogs from a farm that they conceived suffer under. They then apparently conjured 14 thousand won, about $12,500 US dollars, for their save struggle. Nonetheless, an insider at CARE told Newstapa only six members of those bird-dogs were adopted, and nearly half had been euthanized.


Lim supported farther evidence that Park So-yeon was the driving force behind euthanizations at CARE through a recorded phone conversation between the two. Harmonizing to CNN, a expres which is believed to be Park, but can’t be independently attested, intimates buying new hounds to cover up the deaths of six hounds which had been rescued from a dog-fighting ring in 2016.

When media members asked for an update on the rescued puppies, Park was faced with the dilemma. In the recording, a woman’s voice believed to be hers reportedly says, “We need to say they were ill or merely expired. If we say that some perished, it won’t be an issue. How will we adjust the numeral? If we producing many of them from one lieu at once, it will be suspicious. If we reap a few here and there, it won’t be known. Their snout can be dyed a bit darker.”

Lim claims she was one of the few people who knew the extend to which the euthanization went.

“Only a few executives were aware, ” she said, according to CNN. “I asked her to just come clean: Say that we were brace them but had to introduced them down. We can frankly tell people that. She said no, because we had euthanized too many.”


Now that the storey has breached the public, Park scribbled on the CARE Facebook page that some swine were euthanized “for unavoidable concludes after a general discussion between staff.” However, CARE’s public relations manager Kim Tae-hwan told CNN that the staffing requirements completely disagrees.

“The revealings picture the number of members of animals killed was not small-minded at all, ” he said. “There were numerous arbitrary tells to euthanize animals.”

Many CARE employees feel deluded after memorize what was going on at the higher level of their beloved arrangement, and are demanding that Park resign from her posture. During a broadcasted press conference, longtime CARE employee Lee Mi-hee said that she felt Park set forth exhibited misinforming and unfair behavior, including “coercive tells, indiscriminate rescues, and leaving unplanned mess for the employees to resolve.”


“I’m extremely ashamed and terribly sorry for the animals that died for no reason, ” she said. “The fact that this is the result of blindly adopting her shames me enormously and I’m disappointed in myself.”

Fox News has reached out to Park for a comment on the matter, but has not received one at the time of publication.

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Puppy farm ban set to be confirmed

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Image copyright PA

A brand-new rule aimed at cracking down on so-called puppy farms in England is set to be laid in Westminster on Monday.

The legislation – known as Lucy’s Law – will censor sales of kittens and puppies from third parties, stimulating customers are working with breeders directly.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said the brand-new principles would pass swine “the best possible start in life”.

The RSPCA said it was “absolutely thrilled” with the legislation – but accentuated it required enforcement.

The brand-new law would require animals to be born and reared in a safe surrounding, with their mother, and to be sold from their place of birth.