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These Two Mastiffs Are The Cheesiest Couple, And We Can’t Get Enough Of Their One-Liners

Meet Madeline, 10, and Barnabus, 7, an adorable duo of Neapolitan Mastiffs that live in Upstate New York with their owner Alayna. The pups have become Insta-famous after be contained in a series of cute and cheesy photos, posing patiently while exposing punny pick-up rows that are perfect for any occasion.

But how does Alanya manage to get Madeline and Barnabus to agree to stay so still in the photoshoots? “Maddy and Barn are super food motivated !! ” She told Bored Panda . “They will do anything for a plow! Plus by nature they are extremely coldness, so that will contribute a lot.”

“For example, when I took the pirate portrait, I forgot to remove the hats and Maddy’s eye patch because I was so busy looking at the pictures I had taken. A few minutes later I turned around and they were STILL sitting there.”

As a produce Mastiffs are jolly laid back, but Alanya says that Maddy and Barn are even calmer than customary. Still, Barnabus has his minutes and Madeline is defintely the Princess of the pair. “Hands down Maddy is more reacted! ” Alanya told us. “Barn is good but he can be mischievous at times. Maddy is a perfect, sugared little female. I represent REALLY perfect! ”

As for the punny pick-up threads, Alanya has come up with a few of them herself, but admits that she has a handy index which she does her best to match up with props. But what was behind the relevant recommendations in the first place? “I merely thought it would be something entertaining and unique and something I hadn’t seen anyone else do, ” she told Bored Panda . “Honestly I never saw everyone would adoration them so much better! ”

Scroll down below to check out the pawsome pics for yourself, and upvote your favourites. Alanya says that her favorite to shoot was the one with the beets, ‘You Make My Heart Skip A Beet.’ “I repute because I knew in my imagination exactly what I wanted it to look like and then it came out PERFECTLY – their shows and everything! ”

We agree Alanya! Do you? Tell us know in the comments below!

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