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My Huskies Have Mastered The Art Of Dressing Up

My name is Erica. I am a 25 years old illustrator that lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. As you have probably figured out by now, I am surrounded by huskies. First and foremost I would like to say that I’ve never purposed this as research projects, it just..well..happened.

My acquaintances are always tell people that it’s very obvious what my position is as I’m perpetually endeavouring cartoonish passions when I take slides. I just think the clothes add more to it. Almost three years ago I caused a black and white Siberian Husky puppy to my friend @inkisthicker as a New Years gift. The pup was called Spock and he mastered the artistry of searching hot in any human robes. I guess that’s where it all started.

Since then I’ve gotten to know a lot of enormous people who own/ make Siberians, so my Instagram and Facebook accounts are now flooded with huskies. I should add that wearing invests for a long periods of duration is bad for dog’s coating( humans are a nice instance of what might happen ). You can also check out a previous post about my huskies here.

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