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Goodbye, Mister Clips: The Rise of the Longform GIF

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When Jason Walter first made the r/ HighQualityGifs subreddit in September 2013, he did so plainly as a lane to aggregate the GIFs he made in his spare time. GIFs hadn’t yet become the juggernaut they are today: Facebook had just enabled them the month before, and Twitter wouldn’t do so until that November. Even if you wanted to create one, the technological the limit of the formation necessary a height of Photoshop skill to pull off something worthwhile. Preserving them, Walter anticipated, was just good sense.

“In the beginning, there was maybe a two-megabyte restriction or a ten-megabyte limit[ depending on the nature of the scaffold ], and you had to create something within those constraints, ” Walter says. “It was a skill.” But current challenges was half the merriment: his hobby was as much training exercises in economics as it was in application wizardry. Becoming something that examined good asked fidgeting with the number of colors the GIF contained, or accommodating the lossy compression–all for a remarkably brief make. “If you are able get to five seconds on[ those width limits] you were lucky, ” Walter says.

Five years later, those conditions are all but a concept of the past; those short curves have conceded dirt to a more technically and culturally accommodating type of GIF. No longer confined to the inefficiencies of the format and consumption actions of the early social web, the graphics interchange format–or at least what it contains–has entered its next stage. Welcome to the era of the longform GIF.


Giant dog is now best friends with minuscule hummingbird he rescued

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Witnessing different animal species interact with one another is one of the many allures of the Internet, but this friendship is particularly heartwarming.

Rex the dog and Hummer the hummingbird became inseparable buddies when the former saved the latter from expiring after she fell from a tree.

It was this little character, Ed Gernon, Rexs owner, told CBS LA. This fragile creature that the world wanted to kill and was trying to protect her, so I reputed Id go the distance.

Nursed back to health by Gernon, Hummer became a member of the family, never leaving Rexs side for anything.

Wherever was, she wanted to be close by, Gernon justified. She even started showering in his water bowl, killing duration while he ingested before shed start playing with him again. So strange, but amazing.

Its breathtaking to watch, as Hummer merely zooms around Rex as if to do: Whatre we doing now? What do you wanna do? Tell do something! The knockout of all of this is that Gernon had actually accepted Rex last year, rescuing the German shepherd mingle from a life of fighting other bird-dogs and killing felines. Ogles like Rex has learned well from his owneds kindness, because now hes a saver in his own right.

Unfortunately, copulating season has arrived for Hummer, so Gernon knows that the hummingbird might be leaving some time soon. Still, its really cool to a alliance model between a dog and chick. Hoping well watch more escapades from Rex and Hummer in the future.


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