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These Bovines Act Like Lil’ Puppies After Converging Their New Herd

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Integrating cows into the herd is typically a pretty straightforward chore — preferably unexciting, even. The animals assemble and get along with instantaneously because cows adore satisfy new friends. So when Panda( the black-and-white bovine in the below video) and Jazzy( the smaller brown one) were let loose to acquaint themselves to a flock of kine, their owner didn’t reckon much would happen.

But boy, was she incorrect!

Who knew moo-cows could be this glad, let alone pas that rapidly!

Rescuing farmed swine from potential carnage, Animal Place furnishes moo-cows and other beasts with a sanctuary where they can always live free. Which in the case of these happy-go-lucky people, seems like a pretty great reason to celebrate!

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