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Offended by Koreans eating bird-dog? I trust you’ve never had a bacon butty | Chas Newkey-Burden

Frightened animals being caged, killed and was transformed into food marriage never dream of such cruelties in the western world, writes journalist and writer Chas Newkey-Burden


Piqued by Koreans snacking pup? I rely you’ve never had a bacon butty | Chas Newkey-Burden

Frightened swine being caged, killed and was transformed into nutrient united never dream of such evils in the western world, writes writer and writer Chas Newkey-Burden


Offended by Koreans gobbling bird-dog? I trust you’ve never had a bacon butty | Chas Newkey-Burden

Frightened animals being caged, killed and be converted into meat marriage never dream of such sins in the western world, writes correspondent and writer Chas Newkey-Burden


Offended by Koreans snacking dog? I trust you’ve never had a bacon butty | Chas Newkey-Burden

Frightened swine being caged, killed and turned into meat wed never dream of such cruelties in the western world, writes reporter and author Chas Newkey-Burden


Piqued by Koreans relishing hound? I rely you’ve never had a bacon butty | Chas Newkey-Burden

Frightened animals being caged, killed and was transformed into nutrient marriage never dream of such sins in the western world, writes correspondent and scribe Chas Newkey-Burden


Piqued by Koreans dining dog? I rely you’ve never had a bacon butty | Chas Newkey-Burden

Frightened swine being caged, killed and was transformed into meat united never dream of such evils in the western world, writes journalist and generator Chas Newkey-Burden


21 Delectable Snacks You Necessity To Construct For Your Summer Road Trip

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Summer is the time for road trips.

Rolled down openings, scenic beliefs( or endless miles of freeway ), and the company of your friends or kinfolk is only improved by the snacks you bring along.

And when you’ve been driving for hours on end, sometimes great nosh is the only way to keep morale high.

Here’s a roll of recipes to raise all road trip snackage to another level. There’s a balance of sugared and salty and healthy and not-so-healthy, so make a variety of snacks and jam-pack your pouch for the best-fed superhighway journey in history.

1. Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas

Skip the salt and vinegar potato chips from the gas station and construct these . They have all the flavor of your favorite chippings but have 15 grams of protein in each goblet , so they’ll deter youfull till that lunch stop.

And if you’re not into salt and vinegar, try turmericroasted or cinnamon sugar .

2. No-Bake Oreo Cookie Butter Balls

After dining chickpeas it’s time to treat yo’ ego. These puppies are sure to get the back seat stimulated and they are take 15 minutes of prep, so whip ’em up and make them in the freezer while you pack.

3. No-Bake Peanut Butter Bites

These are highly snackable, highly portable, and highly addictive.Use gluten free oats if you’ve get GF riders and keep them ina jug to frustrate melting on a hot day.

4. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Crispy Treats

Add a bit spice to an otherwise cornfield-filled superhighway trip-up. For all my last minute packers out there, these simply take 10 instants of prep. Whip ’em up and produce the whole pan in the car with you I don’t conceive anyone will complain.

5. Ultimate Trail Mix

No trip is complete without trail concoction, or as I like to call it, GORP . It’s easy to customize if you don’t like certain parts, and if you’re not a fan of recipes merely throw some cereal, seeds, dried return, and M& Ms into a baggage and call it a day.

Or if you swear you don’t like path mixture, croak this route .

6. Ritz and Rolo Mini Sandwiches

You are one bag of Rolos, one container of Ritz crackers, and one full tank of gas away from undertaking, my friend. These are crispy, chewy, salty, and whatever other adjectives they are able to think of. Oh yeah, and they circulate well( if they even make it to the car ).

7. Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins

Make these banana muffins in a mini muffin tin for a less-messy alternative to banana bread and extend nanners.

8. Puppy Chow

Created in the Midwest , puppy chow is the pinnacle of snack food. Sweet, salty, and crunchy, it’s like route concoction on steroids. The first suitcase will be gone before your first rest stop, so reach all 3 forms in order to hinder everyone joyous all razz long. You’ve been warned.

9. Homemade Crunchy Granola

Granola is a go-to snack for a reason. It’s portable, yummy, and has a ton of alterations. Oblige a batch and go nuts.

10. Granola Bars

While you’re on it with the granola you might as well constitute granola saloons , very. These are a lot healthier than the supermarket bought ones that are loaded sugar.

11. Pepperoni Chips

These crunchy pepperoni chippings are the best part of pizza , now on your street excursion. They’re too paleo , if you’re into that whole caveman thing.

12. Honey Mustard Pretzels

Wow everyone in the car with these homemade glamours . Plus part of the recipe is shaking the sauce and pretzels together in the bag, which is reason sufficient to realise them.

13. Almond Butter Oat Protein Energy Balls

Just because you’re on a superhighway trip-up doesn’t mean you should slack on your swoleness.

14. 2-Ingredient Dulce de Leche Rice Krispies

Sorry store-bought, you just got delivered. Likewise to the slow driver on the road, you just got passed.

15. Edamame Hummus

Road journeys tend to be light on the veggie surface( mainly because who really wants to eat veggies ?) butsometimes you need a bit veg after a greasy freeway pit stop lunch.

Store this hummus in your jug and pace softly when acting a chipping of it to your driver we’re all about hummus in your tummy not on your interior.

16. Asian Chex Mix

This delicious twisting on Chex Mix merely takes 20 instants to make and accumulations well in an air-tight container #roadtripready

17. No Bake 4-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

Damn these pair well with thepia coladas you’ll treat yourself to when you lastly get to your destination. The dense bed of chocolate on these barrooms reach them another snack to stash in the cooler.

18. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Speaking of chocolate, few snacks are as freshening and mouth-watering as chocolate encompassed strawberries . They’re is easy to make at home, merely make sure not to get any irrigate in the melted chocolate( dry spoons, beings) or it’ll grab and search funky.

Again, jug. It’s worth it.

19. Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos

What’s cooler on a red-hot summertime era than Cool Ranch Doritos? Homemade Cool Ranch Doritos , that’s what. And Jennifer Lawrence would definitely approve.

20. Funfetti Cake Balls

Because they are able to never, never given sufficient cake dances. We’re talking about survival here, people.

21. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mic drop.

#SpoonTip: Put a piece of dough in the receptacle with your cookies to keep them soft .

This post was originally written by MaddieOmeltchenkofor Spoon University .

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There’s A Festival Exclusively For Hangry People And The Food Looks Insane

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Like many of my fellow foodies, I suffer from chronic hungriness.

In fact, my starvation questions are so bad, Im almost positive Im actually a hippopotamus that was captured in the body of a petite blonde girlfriend by an evil wizard.

If being the victim of a inhuman magic trick isnt bad enough, I also happen to have a severe hanger control problem.

Now I know what youre possibly making, and the answer is, yes, standing at a whooping height of 53, I perhaps seem anything but threatening at first glance.

But dont make my innocent image chump you.

As soon as the stomach rumblies strike, all hell disintegrates loose and I instantaneously transform into a terrifyinghangry she-hulk whosdetermined to destroy( and devour) anything that is currently in my way.

No really, Im serious. You dont want to fuck with me when I require food.

If youre someone who is all too familiar with the struggle of being hella ravenous all the time, you might want to stop chewing for asecond and pay attention.

Im about to tell you something that might just be the greatest happening since the adventof snack packs.

Apparently, theres a food-filled celebration in Brooklyn announced Hangry Garden that are particularly gratifies toward all the enraged eaters out there.

In the heart of Hipsterland( aka Williamsburg ), youll find a luxuriant, food-filled oasis that serves as the perfect recognise to assemble with fellow ill-tempered individuals and strenuously substance your appearance judgement free, of course!

According to the Hangry Gardens Eventbrite page, this place is a one-stop shop incorporating many up and coming mobile nutrient vendors alongside live music, artistry stations and recreations such as shuffleboard and foosball.

After you ease your hunger-induced frenzy by shamelessly relishing all sorts of delicious gala food

You can quench your lust for artistry by scoping out some of the installations

Try your hand( or in this case, paw) at a life-sized activity of pool

Blow off a little steam with a few roundsof beer pong

or snag some brewskis and work on your midday blackout with bae.

Did I mentionthis festival also has a badass adult Slip N Slide?

Plus free samples


I mean, gravely, this situate is a hangry paradise on Earth where the possibilities are pretty much endless.

If yourelooking to get in on the furious eating action, the Hangry Garden food festival will be open Thursday through Sunday until October, and admission is free! Glad eating!

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Food Has Eaten the Internet and It Savor Like a Vampire Taco

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On a lazy Friday afternoon, I fell down a hole filled with food.

I was supposed to be writing. Instead I learnt myself in a waking Facebook dream of cheesy French pull-apart bread and whiskey iced tea, ice cream donut gaps and drew pork porchetta sandwiches. Easy-bake artichokes zippedpast; honey BBQ chicken wings and strawberry cotton candy cocktails summon. As for the deliciously greasy-looking vampire tacos, Im still not sure why theyre announced that.

It doesn’t matter. What’s important is I watched clip after time of anonymous sides crafting perfectly plated bowls. I wasnt specially ravenous. I wasnt specially bored. And I emphatically won’t be making any of them myself. But nothing of that mattered. I was captivated–and so is the Internet.

Food videos have taken over the web and pattern social media. Like soiled bowl in your kitchen after cooking, they are everywhere, chalking up billions of views every month. A cook on YouTube devises an entire bacon-and-egg breakfast floozy with one container. A concoct on digital nutrient network Tastemade flogs up kale chippings( raw, vegan , not gross ). On Vine, you can watch a culinary artist gyration together seafood pasta in simply six seconds (# foodporn ).

More visibly than anywhere else, though, meat videos have taken over Facebook. As the tech monstrou prioritizes video in its News Feed, media fellowships scramble to produce enough to meet the ravenous stomach. With more than 1.5 billion people checking in around the world, Facebook is an essential course for publishers and entertainers to reach an enormous gathering. Grows out, parties love watching short, fast videos of parties realise food.

That, of course, isn’t a huge amaze. From Julia Child to the Food Network, people have watched food on TV for decades. And it’s a near-mathematical certainty that you have friends who’ve posted pictures of their breakfasts on Instagram. But the hunger today is for professionally crafted videos shared on social media. The companionships most successful at feeding that it was necessary to have determined high standards for success at cooking up content for today’s hyper-competitive notice economy.

Ive been doing this for practically 10 years ,” answers David Chilcott, the titular cook on favourite YouTube channel OnePotChef,” and the popularity precisely impedes getting higher .”

‘Everyone Has to Eat’

People love food. They love cooking nutrient. They cherish ingesting nutrient. And, it seems, they cherish watching people concoct and dine nutrient. Puppies are universally cute, but not everyone is a dog person, remarks Paul Verna, an commentator at digital media research house eMarketer. Everyone has to eat.

As cable networks proliferated in the late 1980 s and early’ 90 s to serve increasingly niche sakes, the Food Network took off. But its heyday has passed, at least as a destination for beings attempting the elemental experience of attending meat being made.

Now beings are get their nutrient fix on social media, where the simple number of friends sharing photos of their brunches has become professionalized. And no companionship has figured out how to wreak nutrient to your smartphone screen better than the viral originals at BuzzFeed.

At the company’s studio in Los Angeles, a team of farmers has perfected a formula for meat videos so popular they’ve become their own firebrand. The Facebook page for Tasty has 55 million likes–more than The New York Times and Kim Kardashian. Parties viewed Tasty’s videos 2. 2 billion times in March alone, according to video metrics website Tubular, attaining Tasty the top video architect on Facebook that month. The secret sauce? Simplicity.

” At BuzzFeed, we do a lot of experimentation on a video-by-video basis, trying to simmer things down to their basic components ,” mentions Andrew Ilnyckyj, one of Tasty’s senior producers. Ilnyckyj supposes Buzzfeed stumbled upon a singular format that just seems to work.

Tasty’s culinary abruptlies deliver overhead shots of hands devising a recipe” your POV ,” Ilnyckyj adds. That’s not exactly new. But it’s the Facebook-friendly details that make this classic fix evidence format compulsively watchable. Capitalise on Facebook’s autoplay feature, the videos are designed to appeal as you casually move through your Facebook News Feed. They dive right into the action and use text overlays to make sure you understand what’s happening even without chimed. They zoom through boring sides. And you don’t wait more than a instant to identify the end result.

Nom, Nom, Nom

As video becomes more prevalent on social media, other content developers hoping to score big video slams can learna few lessons from Tasty. First, anticipate cheap. Video expenditures a lot compared to other formats, answers Susan Bidel, an specialist at Forrester Research.But food videos are among the easiest and cheapest to develop. At BuzzFeed’s studio in LA, for example, the Tasty team has cameras put in so a lone producer can make a meat video.

Meanwhile, Tasty’s Ilnyckyj responds the team createsits own meat recipes based on what they know about food and what they like to cook. The period and money is necessary in order to the investigations and make, in other words, are minimal. Creators is very easy to make a video in an afternoon. These videos areeasy to exportation everywhere. Though optimized for Facebook, Tasty’s videos are easy to run on Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, even on Tasty’s own app.

The popularity of these videos perhaps inevitably causes the occasional accusation of recipe fraud. And it’s easy to see how the pressure to invariably churn out new content could see copycatting persuasion. But even here, food videos enjoy an out: generally, recipes are not protected by copyright law. After all, who firstly believed to be, mention, waffles, and do small changes to a recipe make it something new?

In the meantime, digital meat videos’ bite-sized portability provides another distinct advantage over cable. They don’t compel the same season or dedication to deplete, remarks nutrient video website Tastemade’s cofounder Steven Kydd: Ifyouve got a few free instants, you can watch a food video.

But for others looking to Tasty for a template, they are unable to struggle without one crucial ingredient: meat. Media business have triedto use the meat video prototype for other stories and subjects. But nutrient videos connect with beings in a way that transcends any practical or edifying considerationsand, crucially, in a manner that is there is a desire to share with their friends. Instructional meat videos are perhaps more than anything about feeding a fantasy.

” A pile of people who watch them will never move them ,” Chilcott says.

And as far as the companies moving these videos are concerned, that doesn’t matter so long as “youre watching”. Advertisers, like audiences, enjoy nutrient videos. The content isn’t controversial. They’re great for commodity placement. They can even be ads themselves.

Also, often like the bite-sized consolation foods in which so many of the videos enjoy, you can’t stop at simply one. In one sitting, I’ve watchedcrunchy taco goblets, s’more pours cake fries, and almond meringue peaches. I’ve considered chicken and broccoli alfredo-stuffed shells and frowned at mini steak-and-ale pies. I’ve shared eggs in clouds.These videos arethe steeple of media optimized for theInternet: short, seductive, shareable. I may never make a ghoul taco. But I’ll happily watch someone else acquire them.

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Puppy or Bagel? Chihuahua or Muffin? Shiba or Marshmallow? (8 photos)

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Is this a puppy or bagel? The doubt was posed by Karen Zack( @teenybiscuit) on Twitter and was accompanied by a gallery of photos that humorously accompanied attention to the stunning similarities.

The tweet get viral and Karen has since followed up her now Internet far-famed portrait with more comparisons between many hound multiplies and foods. She has even included a few new animals to the mix like chicks and shrews.

The Internet is having a field day with these and her images have garnered her a ton of media attention. For more enjoyable and quirkiness from Karen, check her out at the links below.

Website | Facebook | Vine | Twitter | Instagram

Website | Facebook | Vine | Twitter | Instagram

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