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These Bovines Act Like Lil’ Puppies After Converging Their New Herd

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Integrating cows into the herd is typically a pretty straightforward chore — preferably unexciting, even. The animals assemble and get along with instantaneously because cows adore satisfy new friends. So when Panda( the black-and-white bovine in the below video) and Jazzy( the smaller brown one) were let loose to acquaint themselves to a flock of kine, their owner didn’t reckon much would happen.

But boy, was she incorrect!

Who knew moo-cows could be this glad, let alone pas that rapidly!

Rescuing farmed swine from potential carnage, Animal Place furnishes moo-cows and other beasts with a sanctuary where they can always live free. Which in the case of these happy-go-lucky people, seems like a pretty great reason to celebrate!

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Borrowed animals cavorting in a field are too cute for words

When language miscarries, we will ever have videos of swine being cute. And an animal sanctuary in Australia may just have the holy grail of animal #content.

The Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is a charity-run sanctuary in the Hunter Valley that acts as a dwelling to farm animals in need of a bit TLC and a lot of democracy to stray. Something easily achievable on the 100 acre property.

Their adopted farm animals frolic in enormous paddocks, free to nuzzle, delve and dance as their little centers desire.

Edna was rescued from a backyard in Sydney. Beings can ‘sponsor’ the swine via their website.

The sanctuary too happens to be bright at capturing the animal’s sheer rapture on social media.

Harriet. Rescue piglet. Superhero. Ambassador for the voiceless: the swine. #throwback #lovepigsnotpork #ihaveworktodo #wherepigsfly

A photo posted by Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary (@ wherepigsflyfarmsanctuary) on Jun 8, 2016 at 1:50 pm PDT

This trio of pigs, Harriet, Dustin and Wilbur, come when called, just like puppies.

There’s a reason the word “happy as a boar in mud” exists.

Or perhaps you prefer skittish child lambs, showing their commotion for life in literal leaps and bounds.

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