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Colton Underwood: The first maiden ‘Bachelor’ and what else to know

( CNN) The fantasy suite on “The Bachelor” might be a little different this season.

For one, he’s very open about has become a virgin.

“[ Being a virgin] should still be normalized; it’s only who I am and what I believe in, ” he told People magazine.“I posses a lot of value in it and I support it to a high standard. I’m just waiting for the right heart.”


12 shows from Zayn Malik’s new notebook, ‘Zayn’

Image: delacorte press

If you’re looking for dirt in Zayn Malik‘s brand-new volume, Zayn , proceed in another direction.

The former boy bander persists to his script about the sons in One Guidance, is of the view that he just wanted to make different music and dim the spotlight a bit. He addresses his broken engagement with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards only to say that they were together, and then they weren’t. He acquires no reference to his romance with Gigi Hadid, despite being somewhat public about their love.

Instead, he seems inward and hopes it will provide clarity to love, documenting his anxiety, the “freefall” he went into after leaving One Attitude and his devotion to his momma. He’s never been one for interrogations, so he uses the book to get a few things off his chest, seeing it a must-read for longtime Directioners.

Some early previews of the book seemed to present the enthusiastic bad boy persona he’s put forth in recent press, but the book actually represents a much fuller picture of a sensitive, ambitious boy who found himself in a surreal situation.

Zayn , as predicted, is a scrapbook featuring tons of personal photos and mode spreads. You can find him in a series of cozy turtlenecks nuzzling puppies and strumming acoustic guitars, or wearing a spiky skin casing at a boxing echo. Throughout, his collages, oil illustrations and handwritten lyricals tie the whole thing together as he breaks down what it’s like to be Zayn.

Image: tricia gilbride/ mashable

Here are some of the book’s shows of what’s really going on in that sentiment of his.

1. Toward the end of One Direction, Zayn had an eating disorder

In November 2014, Zayn was struggling with an eating disorder, which he’s since come to words with. He chalks it up to exercising command in his life.

“It wasn’t as though I I had any concerns about my heavines or anything like that, I’d just go for eras sometimes two or three days straight-from-the-shoulder without ingesting anything at all.”

Fortunately, he was capable of get through it. After leaving the band, “hes found” comfort in his mom’s prepare as he returned to his English hometown of Bradford and planned his next moves.

2. He decided to leave 1D on stagecoach in Hong Kong

He’d been fighting in the band for awhile and was overwhelmed by the tabloid coverage of his distressed tie-in, but there was a specific moment he made the announce. After a show in Hong Kong, he pronounced, to his cousin and momma to confirm that leaving the band was the right thing to do for his own health and the future of the other members.

“Sometimes, you have to do what’s good for you, otherwise you’re no use to anyone. Nothing good would have come from dragging it out any longer, ” writes Zayn.

3. Zayn wants dames to lope his career( and the world)

He was psyched when his personal assistant from the One Direction eras established him to a female administration squad who went on to guide his solo occupation. He’s close to his mummy and sisters and recognizes he has a lot to gain from giving girls tell him what the hell is do.

“Women have been the most intelligent, quiet and positive forces in my life, ” writes Zayn. “I don’t want to generalize too much, but definitely in my own experience, I’ve saw the whole macho macrocosm of male invasion and insecurity to be a lot more difficult to exist in.”

But take note fangirls, because he likewise wants to see you in leadership roles.

“I think we need more women in positions of power in various regions of the world. I fantasize a lot of the world’s troubles could be solved if we allowed more contribution from women.

Image: tricia gilbride/ mashable

4. His producers introduced him through bootcamp

Mike and Ant Hannides( MYKL) assembled Zayn in a series of houses while preserving Mind of Mine ( they were kicked out of the first two for noise disorders) and persisted to a procedure. The friends applied Zayn through a merciless workout every morning, worked on music during the day and then travelled clubbing as “homework” to see what everyone was listening to.

5. His songs are predominantly about what you think they are

Zayn confirming that “Drunk” is about get drunkard. “‘Pillowtalk’ isn’t just about sex; it’s more layered than that. It’s about the ups and downs of relationships.” “Befour” is about shedding “states parties ” in a particularly neat Vegas suite. Skrillex may or may not have been in attendance, but a couch was certainly still soaked in champagne.

6. He collaborated with Versace on his Met Gala look

Zayn says he, “made a conscious decision in my solo profession to take fashion more seriously.” He’s working on a partnerships with Versace right now and previously collaborated with the house on his sci-fi Met Gala search.

7. Zayn has an unreleased sung called “Dragonfly”

It didn’t fit on the book, but Zayn’s open to exhausting it sometime in the future. But, as he explains, he was inspired by the short lifespan of dragonflies and, “the concept of “ve had to” get everything done right now, in the moment, because’s there’s no time to waste.” So that’s a bit of a conundrum!

8. He’s super into collaging

A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@ zayn ) on Oct 9, 2016 at 4:13 pm PDT

9. Zayn desires Shania Twain

As he should.

10. Being in a clique and going solo have their own unique nervousnes triggers

He’s ever attributed the facts of the case that his mama had to drag him out of the members of this house on that momentous morning he auditioned for X Factor to typical teen boy laziness, but now he declares it was actually anxiety.

Being in One Direction facilitated his stage fright because the focus wasn’t all on him. But performing as a solo artist is still an uphill battle. He virtually had to cancel his Mind of Mine album exhaust indicate due to feeling, but he gathered through. The anxiety has continued with every solo gig since then.

But the perk of has become a solo master is being able to control your degree of exposure to an extent, and so he’s noticed his way out of some of the stressors of his son ensemble days.

11. Race, belief, and politics are all really important to him, but he’s freaked out about replying the incorrect thing

Zayn knows too well that has become a Muslim, Pakistani world-wide papa wizard clears him an outlier. He had to learn to brush off the barrage of abhor addres he’s received routinely since he was a teen. But he’s not quite comfortable being an example of anything but himself at this quality in his life and wants to keep that stuff personal. But Zayn persists proud of his patrimony, which he pays tribute to in ballads like the Urdu “Flower.”

12. About that microphone with a condom on it

Malay, who Zayn wanted to work with on the album based off of his yield on Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia: Ultra , famously put a condom on a microphone while registering Mind of Mine .

Now, thank god, we have more details.

“There was a narrative going around about how he’d formerly stole a condom over a microphone then ceased it into a bucket of water and waved it about, ” writes Zayn. “He entered this serial of of mad, runny, whooshing noises and used them to erect a crazy outstrip. It’s insane here’s a dude who are in a position make a slimy condom resound wicked! “

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This Weenie Dog’s Mom And Dad Missed To Take Some Photos, But He Had Other Schemes

When Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe started “ve been thinking about” get their date photos done, they both had the same requirement: their wiener puppy, Louie, had to be part of the film. After all, the little guy is too cute for texts, and he’s part of their own families. It was able to make sense for him to tag along!

Luckily, the folks over at DnK Photography perfectly love getting babies concerned! The photographer, Karin, knows a stuff or two about photographing couples and their faithful sidekicks — but when she set up this cute kill under a beautiful tree, something entirely comical happened.

Never one to take a backseat, Louie decided that this was his chance to make an epic entrance.

And that’s exactly what he did. “I was hoping for a recreation photo of Louie playing in the foreground with the couple looking at him, ” Karin shows, “but Louie launched himself right in front of the camera, entirely impeding Chris out of the photo.”

As it turns out, photobombing is one of Louie’s specialties.

Louie is actually Chris’ dog, but Megan accepted him into her life with open arms. Still, the naughty pup seems to be making a attire of sabotaging their photos. According to Karin, “Megan is starting to suspect a little bit of jealousy.” But it’s all in good recreation!

“I can’t only not is participating in the foliages, papa! “

It’s pretty obvious that this is Louie’s world, and we’re exactly living in it.

At least he deposited the landing!

Mom and dad sure review proud. Then again, who wouldn’t be proud of such a handsome, talented guy?

After a while, Louie permitted his parents to get a good shot…

…as long as they gave him be the star.

“Mission achieved, puny humans.”

What’s more, Louie isn’t DnK Photography’s only four-legged subject! “For a lot of parties, babies are lineage, so it’s only natural to include them in action photos, ” Karin writes. Still, that doesn’t mean that Louie is a run-of-the-mill puppy representation. Harmonizing to the photographer, this small doxie’s kill is one for the books. “We’ve taken a lot of sweet, recreation, and wacky photos with pets, but Louie took it to another level.”

In case you wanted to go into cuteness overload, check out a few more of their amazing puppy pictures…I mean…engagement photos.

It consider this to be we have another photobomber on our hands!

But hey, it doesn’t get cuter than that.

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“I have the most beautiful parents ever. It’s not up for debate.”

Sure, domesticateds can stir photoshoots fairly hectic…

…but in the end, it’s altogether worth it.

( via Bored Panda)

Life would be far less entertaining without puppies like Louie spicing concepts up! Something tells me that Chris, Megan, and all of the other baby parents that have entrusted DnK Photography with their engagement films will cherish these one-of-a-kind photos for the rest of their lives.

To discover more of their amazing wield, check out DnK Photography’s blog and website. If you’re interested in booking your own film, check out their wedding and engagement portfolios!

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Women acquired in every big category at the 2015 Nebula Honors

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Image: Del Rey

Saturday gave a great triumph for diversification in recreation as girls broom every category at the 2015 Nebula Awards. The annual occasion celebrates the year’s best literary contributions to science fiction and fantasy.

Five of the show’s six winners were women 😛 TAGEND

Naomi Novik triumphed in “Best Novel” for Uprooted

Nnedi Okorafor won in “Best Novella” for Binti

Sarah Pinsker triumphed in “Best Novelette” for “Our Lady of the Open Road, ” featured in the June 2015 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction

Alyssa Wong acquired in “Best Short Story” for “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers, ” featured in the Oct. 2015 issue of Nightmare Magazine

Fran Wilde won the “Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy” for her tale, Updraft


22 Adorable Animal Kisses That Will Make You Descend In Love

Few happenings say affection more than a sweetened kiss. It’s a simple space to convey you care for someone, whether it’s a family member, spouse, pal, or baby. And while it might look like our furry friends only have one quicken when it comes to fondling, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are just a few of the adorable rooms our altogether kissable domesticateds establish their love.

1. He had some banana left on his chin.

View post on imgur.com

2. “Bring it in, big guy! “

View post on imgur.com

3. Some like it rough …

4. Well this is just about the cutest act ever.

View post on imgur.com

5. He was just playing hard to get.

View post on imgur.com

6. “It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? “

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7. The more tongue, the better.

8. There’s something so nostalgic about an upside-down kiss.

View post on imgur.com

9. What’d I tell ya?

10. Wolf kisses are the best kisses.

11. Wait…I was incorrect! Jaguar caresses are the best kisses.

12. Oof…how’s that ignite feel?

13. I would compensate good coin to switch residences with this pup.

var OX_ads= OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push ( slot_id: “5 3725160 4_5716ea88b744d”, auid: “5 3725160 4” );

14. She ever grants him a kiss before she goes down for a nap.

15. “Donna, a piece of gum wouldn’t kill you.”

16. “Close your eyes and hold my hand. It’s better that way.”

17. That awkward first kiss…

18. Well, that escalated speedily.

19. He wasn’t satisfied with a simple peck.

20. “C’mere you! “

21. Lick attack in progress.

22. “You smell good. We kiss now.”

Any kind of kiss…even an tricky one with course too much tongue…is welcomed from these little cuties.

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Beyonc and Blue Ivy absolutely just got a pup as if the Carters weren’t flawless enough

Ring the alarm because the flawless Knowles-Carter family just got even cuter.

Photos are circulating of Beyonc and daughter Blue Ivy marching a minuscule, fluffy lily-white puppy in a picturesque setting.

A photo posted by Beyonc (@ beylite ) on Sep 1, 2016 at 11:47 am PDT

The photos were shared to Instagram account beylite, and in agreement with the captions, the latter are taken on Aug. 31 in New York.

Blue Ivy looks very happy to have a new furry friend.

A photo posted by Beyonc (@ beylite ) on Sep 2, 2016 at 6:34 am PDT

A photo posted by Beyonc (@ beylite ) on Sep 1, 2016 at 11:46 am PDT

A photo posted by Beyonc (@ beylite ) on Sep 2, 2016 at 6:28 am PDT

Beyonc’s Formation World Tour is playing at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Wednesday, so it seems like she and Blue are having a chill NYC week together between the VMAs and the upcoming concert.

We uneasily await more details about Puppy Knowles-Carter.

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The Greatest TV Writers Room Ever: Dana Carvey, Louis C.K ., Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, and More

Dana Carvey ogles back at’ The Dana Carvey Show ,’ a short-lived slice of humor amber that showcased many of today’s top comedic abilities. “>

Twenty years ago , Saturday Night Live whiz Dana Carvey got an offering he couldnt refuse after leaving the late-night NBC institution that prepared him a hotshot: his own primetime variety show. But after seven chapters, ABC gathered the plug on The Dana Carvey Show the most Dana Carvey project Dana Carvey ever had the chance to build, according to Dana Carveypropelling future humor adepts like Louis C.K ., Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carell toward their big breaks.

People were kind of confused by my insight, Carvey recalled to The Daily Beast while promoting his alter alongside longtime pal C.K. and fellow comedians Kevin Hart, Hannibal Buress, and Albert Brooks in this weeks enlivened The Secret Life Of Pets .

It didnt help that he and Robert Smigel( aka Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog ), who decamped from SNL to join Carvey, molded the show in the vein of 1950 s range hours, identifying each chapter after various corporate patronizes. Their first occurrence, dubbed The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show, expenditure them actual sponsorship from Pepsi-owned Taco Bell and Pizza Hut off the at-bat thanks to a show-opener in which Carvey played President Bill Clinton breastfeeding babies, kittens, and puppies from his teats.

That was a big misunderstanding! Carvey declared. The pundits initially didnt is quite clear that that was Robert and Is meaning and idea, and we werent getting any extra money. It was all part of this retro post-modern, silly-smart Monty Python sensibility that the person finally gets his big variety show but its announced The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show.

It was an inside baseball-type prank, he laughed. And then of course since we are did Clinton breastfeeding the society we lost the sponsors, and eventually “its been”[ been supported by] the Szechuan Dynasty Chinese restaurant in New York you know, the kids were running the asylum. It was out of ensure. We needed to be on Comedy Central or HBO or something.

For Carvey, the display was a chance to break away from iconic SNL personas like The Church Lady and unfold himself while employing inventive restrain over a depict wholly his own. I have a Disney face and I could just be friendly, but I have a more subversive back. Not blue, but merely this other side to me. It was in that show.

The infamously short-lived The Dana Carvey Show reached faith status thanks to a famed writers room of young geniu nurturing a rebellious label of slapstick on network televisionnames like Robert Smigel( columnist, Saturday Night Live ), Robert Carlock ( 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt co-creator ), Dino Stamatopoulos( novelist, Late Night with Conan OBrien ), Jon Glaser( novelist, Inside Amy Schumer ), Charlie Kaufman, Louis C.K ., and the two Steves: Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.

With co-creator Smigel and president novelist C.K ., Carvey had handpicked his casting primarily from the improv-trained Second City and SNL grades, sifting through the audition tapes of young knack Lorne Michaels had passed on and plucking together up-and-comers theyd ensure play over the years.

When the appearances end first season became available year later, including the unaired 8th escapade that never prepared it to broadcast, it activated restored expressed appreciation for the show that was ahead of its time and woefully out of place slotted behind Tim Allens family-friendly Home Improvement .

I dont weigh myself a talent scout but I actually wanted Carell and Colbert, Carvey said. Of direction, so did Louis and Robert. I said, Just gimme the two Steves!

SNL had shown Carvey that talented comics could glow having regard to the appropriate environment. Watch episodes from the first and simply season of The Dana Carvey Show now and you verify shadows of singularly nonsensical sketches like Attendants Who Are Nauseated By Food, peculiarity the two Steves, or Stupid Pranksters, in which Carvey and a young Carell pull inane stunts on unsuspecting strangers, including a baby-faced C.K.

Id worked with Phil Hartman and Mike Myers and Adam Sandler and Jon Lovitz and stuff, so I knew that they had everything they neededthey just necessary a stage, Carvey clarified. After The Dana Carvey Show was offset, many of his alums moved over to SNL, resurrecting sketches there: Smigels Ambiguously Gay Duo( was put forward by Carell and Colbert ), Carveys Tom Brokaw bitthat was initially been written for Carveys show.

The stuff we did on my present, they told me helped them get The Daily Show where Jon Stewart actually shepherded them, he said, proudly. It didnt surprised to see me at all. Theyre unbelievably nice and super talented.

In GQs comprehensive oral history of the demo, Carlock recollected his favorite sketch written by future Oscar-winning filmmaker Kaufman ( Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ), with whom he and Delocated founder Glaser shared an office while Kaufman was working on his screenplays for Being John Malkovich and Human Nature .

Hes a quiet party and a private person and didnt exactly light up the writers chamber, but he was merriment to hang out with, said Carlock. The one sketch of his I genuinely enjoyed was Weird Al Yankovic and two brothers, Weirder Al Yankovicwho took Weird Al Yankovics anthems and parodied them so they are able to turning around into the original song. And then Weirdest Al Yankovic would take those anthems and prepare gibberish out of them. The customary meta nonsense.

Carvey told me that he been fielding interest for a documentary chronicling his short-lived succession and is reflecting the possibility of putting together a reunion see with his now-famous collaborators. Colbert is doing his own late-night see and hes been doing great for a very long time. Louie kind of reinvented stand-up in a manner that is, and his show is brilliant. And Charlie Kaufman got his Oscar. Im still in touch with most of them. So well see if the documentary gets made about it.

He fondly remembers one sketch in particular that showcased his propensity for thoughts, pencilled by future Community writer-producer and Moral Orel developer Stamatopoulos. Everyone was on a same wavelength. We had DinoStamatopoulos, whos a brilliant novelist, and he wrote a really funny happening for the Rich Little Easter Special which I adored where I played like 12 different characters.

There were other cast members who were super bright extremely that havent go their big break but theyre doing different forms of nonsense: Bill Chott, Elon Gold, Heather Morgan, said Carvey, whos returned back to comedy vistum after taking time off to promote his two sonsboth now aspiring humorists. It was just a quick, fun act to do. But the various kinds of feeling I like, the insight that I truly like, was that show.

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17 Pups Who Are SO Excited About Ensure Water For The First Day

For the life of me, I can’t remember the first time I discovered the ocean.

Growing up on the coast of Maine, I envisage it happened at a very young age. But I do, however, have a very clear picture of my old-fashioned golden retriever’s firstly expedition to a nearby reservoir. The second “shes seen” the dock, it was like she was truly residence . She immediately took off down the wooden planks and did a giant belly flop into the sea.

While my dog now won’t get near a puddle, let alone a lake, this excited suffer seems to be somewhat common for our canine companions…

1 . … Wait for it.

2. “Best. Day. Ever! “

3. This hip guy actually knows how to chill.

4. “…It’s just…so…beautiful! “

5. “Let’s never leave.”

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6. Belly flop competition is strong.

7. Examine at that sort!

8. “Surf’s up, dude.”

9. Safety first!

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11. “The remains are even better here! “


13. She may only have three legs, but she’s went ALL the excitement.

14. He wishes his oysters straight from the source.

15. “I like the water, but I don’t like being chased by it. Rude.”

16. “Go right! I saw something move! “

17. “Come on down…the water’s enormous! “

I only hope the working day I’ll be half as excited or so pleased to see you both anything as these pups are about the irrigate!

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Inside Johnny Depp and Amber Heards Split: Alleged Domestic Abuse, Photo Hacks, and Terriergate

After meeting on’ The Rum Diary ,’ the two virtuosoes weathered photo hacks and an Australian witch-hunt, aka’ terriergate .’ But now, Heard has filed for divorce–and accused him of overpowering her.”>

UPDATE 05/27/ 16: TMZ reports that Amber Heard arrived in court Friday with traumata on her appearance and photos depicting harms she says Depp foisted on her multiple times throughout their matrimony. The latest hurt, Heard says, happened Saturday night when Depp crushed his iPhone on her face. She claims the actor offered her coin to stay quiet but instead she registered for divorce the following morning. Heard is also searching a temporary restraining order against the actor.

Shed given to affectionately announcing him Tonto, the specific characteristics he represented in the disasterpiece The Lone Ranger, and theyd weathered a series of tabloid pseudo-scandals, but this week, the astonishing actress Amber Heard decided to call it discontinues with her screen icon partner, Johnny Depp .

Heard, 30, reportedly registered for divorce from the 52 -year-old Depp on May 22, two days after the proceed of his mother, Betty Sue Palmer. She was 81.

According to TMZ, the couple had no prenuptial agreement and Heard is seeking spousal support from her ex, who is worth an estimated $400 millionand is the proud proprietor of a 6-beach island in the Bahamas that hes dubbed Fuck Off Island . Depps solicitor, Laura Wasser, has registered a response soliciting that the judge reject the spousal supporter assert. Heard is, of course, a popular actress in her own claim, having recently starred in the films Magic Mike XXL and The Danish Girl. She is also set to whiz as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis, in the upcoming superhero blockbusters Aquaman and the two-part Justice League film. Depp, meanwhile, has the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass opening this weekend.

It had been, if the tabloids are to be imagined, a relationship fraught with difficultiesthe considerably older Depp covered as the pursuer and Heard the passionately pursued.

Depp had handpicked Heard over a bevy of other screen attractiveness, including Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, to star opposite him as the glamorous female produce of The Rum Diary. The movie was a labor of love for Deppshot in scenic Puerto Rico, adapted from the Hunter S. Thompson novel of the same call, and with the actor playing a version of his late crony. Filming for the movie started in March 2009 and lasted through the summer, and their chemistry onscreen is evident. There was, by the stars own admission, quite a bit of boozing during product, with rum the drink of choice.

In a prior interview with The Daily Beast, Heard announced filming The Rum Diary the best event ever, and shared a fib about Depp obtaining her a bicycle for her birthday that she razzed all over San Juan. I boozed lots of rum and tried not to fall off my bicycle, she said.

There were light-headed rumors at the time that the chemistry between Depp and Heard persisted when the cameras stopped wheeling, though both performers have remained mum about exactly when their woo triggered. Depp was still in a long-term tie-in with his partner( and the mother of his two children) Vanessa Paradis, while Heard was dating her partner Tasya van Ree. Heard would confirm such relationships with van Ree, coming out as bisexual at GLAADs 25 th anniversary party in December 2010.

I exactly decided to removing the cloak of ambiguity and the darknes it creates on those in the media who choose to keep it a secret or just simply dont talking here it, Heard told The Daily Beast. Its still not[ amply abode] but the needs for doing that is all the most frequently asked, important, and necessary.

The Rum Diary was released in October 2011 to mixed reviews and mediocre box office receipts, but it reunited Depp and Heard for the cinemas interminable worldwide promotional tour. Shortly afterwards, rumors inaugurated circulating that Depp had separated from Paradis, his partner of 14 yearsthey hadnt been examined together in public for monthsand they released an official proclamation through their publicist( s) corroborating it in June 2012, saying, Please respect their privacy, and even more importantly, the privacy of their children.

I saw Paradisthe stunning actress, vocalist, and former modelat her New York pied–terre a few months after the separation proclamation, and she seemed rather worn out by all the gossip, refusing to expand to the reasons why they separate.

I dont sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth or has done a proper columnists work onthatsituation, she emphatically told me. Nowadays, parties conjecture, but nothing knows! I have my children to shield. There are children involved, so its certainly no ones business but the family.

In late 2012, following the separate notice, Depp and Heard led public with their relationship. They briefly broke up in late 2012 Heard reportedly dropped Depp for French model Marie de Villepin( the daughter of former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin) but had reunited by April the following year. They grew participated on Christmas Eve 2013, and apparently the actress involved some serious convincing.

Amber actually took her time to make up her recollection, information sources told Celebuzz. She revolved him down before, before she said yes. So she awaited and used to think it for a long time. Depp even took to wearing an engagement doughnut on his paw, claiming it was too big for Heard.

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She Was Taking Her New Kitten Home When She Had To Pull Over For A Hilarious Reason

When you make a new pet into their own lives, there’s ever a bit of mistrust that comes along with the decision. Will the two of you get along? Will your brand-new friend adjust to its borders?

But there’s typically a moment that lets you know that you’ve built the right choice. Puppies express delight and charity with wagging posteriors and kisses, and kittens show that they attend by curling up on their humans’ laps. Well, most kittens, regardless. This adorable little guy is seeking to get close to Mom in the weirdest route possible.

Okay, that’s a little bit curious, but it’s better than the kitten wanting to run away from her…right?

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