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Stray Dog With Disfigured Face Is Making A Beautiful Recovery After Being Rescued

Unfortunately , not all bird-dogs in this world have the wonderful chance to have a warm bunked, a luscious banquet, and a caring pedigree. Some good pooches end up straying the streets aimlessly, looking for scraps to feed upon, just grasping to life. More fortuitous ones end up in shelters where they at least have someone to look after them and feed them. And while shelters often end up finding forever homes for their occupant doggies, the ones that are usually adopted are mostly cute, fluffy puppies or cute pooches with impressing characteristics.

But despite what a pup may look like, they all deserve an opportunity at life. Specially those who haven’t been favored in life. One of these doggies is Phoenix, a salvage puppy from Oklahoma who has a very distinct face.

According to Skiatook Paws& Claws Animal Rescue, this doggie was located strolling the street of Collinsville looking for food for some time before rescue workers found him. It seems like Phoenix was once in someone’s care, but they failed the poor dog and vacated him.

This dog roam the street of Collinsville was acquired and rescued in November

Image ascribes: phoenixthedawg

The dog was rescued off wall street and Family Animal Medicine–Owasso, OK took care of the pooch. The formation soon rendered updated information about the pooch’s condition:
“We are investigating all possible causes of Phoenix’s condition and moving lab work to identify causes of his disease of the skin. He is being bathed regularly and is on drugs to improve his skin health and supply solace, ” they reported.

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

While at first the veterinarians were uncertain if Phe’s disfiguration was caused by abuse or illness

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

While it seems like Phoenix has get through some horrific mistreat, the veterinarians plowing him aren’t extremely quick to hop to such resolutions:
“We were provided evidence from a previous Good Samaritan who has photos of a progression of Phoenix’s facial deterioration. It is possible there may be a medical cancer making his disfiguration. It is important that we do not automatically assume malevolent ordinances. Swine without homes and proper care, without shelter, meat, and sea face so many obstacles; specially if they have an underlying medical question, ” the professionals said.

Image ascribes: phoenixthedawg

After running a number of tests, they found out it’s an auto-immune illness

Image recognitions: phoenixthedawg

The most recent “pupdate” on Phoenix’s journey was posted merely 4 weeks ago 😛 TAGEND

“Phoenix had the privilege of traveling to Kansas, during which he met with two terrific Specialty Veterinarians, Dr. Karen Trainor and Dr. David Senter. These unbelievably unique veterinarians specialize exclusively in diseases of the skin.
Phoenix’s journey to Kansas actually started when we first rescued him. Back in November, in an attempt to solve Phe’s skin mystery, his veterinary faculty here in Owasso at FAM took biopsies of his diseased scalp and send them to Dr. Trainor. Dr. Trainor is a veterinary pathologist who focuses on skin disease. Oh boy, what a bright brain. What Dr. Trainor mostly does is to look at Phe’s skin biopsy at the microscopic stage and tell us how his surface is behaving.
Next, Phe’s adventure took him to Veterinary Allergy and Dermatology clinic in Overland Park, Kansas. There he satisfied Dr. David Senter, a veterinary dermatologist. He also concentrates his veterinary knowledge on cases with skin diseases.
With both Dr. Trainor and Dr. Senter’s insight and the work done by Family Animal Medicine veterinarians, Phe is improving every day. He has gained weight. His skin is mending. He plays and barks. He chases pellets and play video games tug-o-war. He even sleeps on his own hound couch.
His cheesy, sharky grin will ever remain. The muscles on his head will never return. UV illuminated/ sunshine generates his surface to flare-up, so clothes and sunblock are a must. But don’t worry, Phoenix’s spirit is STRONG!
Phoenix has a rare auto-immune disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus( SLE ). There are no specific measures to identify SLE. This is a disease that is diagnosed after all other cankers are ruled out. Because it is an auto-immune disease, his own body attempts itself, reaching medication sometimes difficult and tricky. But thank goodness for all the veterinaries( here in Owasso and Kansas too) “were having” his sicknes managed.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Phe would have never stirred his indomitable jaunt without you.”

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

At the moment, Phoenix is being taken care of, is receiving much-needed medical attention, and seems to be making a splendid convalescence. Skiatook Paws& Claws Animal Rescue impedes updates on the cute pooch, posting photos and videos of his beautiful recovery.

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

Image ascribes: phoenixthedawg

Image ascribes: phoenixthedawg

Image ascribes: phoenixthedawg

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

When Phoenix is ready to be adopted, it will be handled through Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue. In the meantime, you can follow Phoenix’s Instagram page for frequent updates on his life and condition or donate funds for his care by clicking here.

Image ascribes: phoenixthedawg

Image credits: phoenixthedawg

You can see Phoenix’s recovery in action

View this pole on Instagram

A pole shared by Phoenix (@ phoenixthedawg ) on Nov 18, 2019 at 5:53 pm PST

View this post on Instagram

A upright said that he shared Phoenix (@ phoenixthedawg ) on Dec 4, 2019 at 1:47 pm PST

Here’s how people reacted to Phoenix’s story

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A Man Found Six Abandoned Hairless Puppies And No One Could Tell They’re Great Pyrenees

Here is another rescue storey, which at the same occasion shows the unbelievable knowledge of some people and the heroic pity of others.

On a cold December morning, a person stumble upon six crusty puppies in the lumbers of Alabama on his style to labour. The poverty-stricken characters were in panicking, life-threatening provision and were trying to keep warm by cuddling against one another. The puppies, who hardly was like bird-dogs with a bald-headed pink and chapped image, were obviously too young to stroll the forests without a baby, and were destined for the worst without immediate help and professional attention. The four-legged siblings were hastened to a nearby shelter in Sylacauga, Alabama and the staff were offended by the illusion of the puppies and the mistreatment they had gone through.

It’s hard to believe that this could actually be the rough is starting a heartwarming success narrative. But we are so glad it is thanks to the care of the silent heroes who lives among us!

Image recognitions: bear_the_greatpyr

“They were so smelly that the shelter personnel had to wear disguises in order to bathe them, ” Nicole Zaguroli with Second City Canine Rescue( SCCR ), told The Dodo. “They were in very bad precondition; they had scabies, they were malnourished and cold.”

The staff in a shelter is believed that the tiny puppies that weighed only 5 pounds were of a small multiply, but due to the frightful precondition they came in, it was impossible to identify their true descents. A first guess of the dogs’ make was cocker spaniel mixtures which, to everyone surprise, subsequently turned out to be far from what they actually are.

Image recognitions: secondcityk9

Image recognitions: SecondCityCanineRescue

The malnourished puppies were brought to Auburn Veterinary College for extensive medical care and then put to two foster homes for further management. Nicole Zaguroli like to remind you that foster homes who were brave enough to care for terribly strong puppies were their angels. There was no miracle in these dog’s quick recuperation- proper nutrition, medicated bathrooms and attention was the key. The puppies began to gradually heal and thrive lily-white fluffy fur.

Image ascribes: SecondCityCanineRescue

Image credits: SecondCityCanineRescue

When the little ones were finally ready to be been put forward for adoption to find forever residences, the question about the spawn rose again, and this time their appearance indicated the issue is Great Pyrenees/ poodle mixtures. And only after the doggies started to promptly gain substantial heavines, one of the adopters did a Dna exam and discovered they are 100 -percent Great Pyrenees, known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

Image ascribes: SecondCityCanineRescue

Image credits: bear_the_greatpyr

Dogs of this spawn are impressive in sizing and strength and have excellent patrolling knowledge. They can grow up to around 30 inches at the shoulders and weigh over 100 pounds. Doesn’t sound like a poodle, right? It’s difficult to believe that these powerful and magnificent beasts were once vacated, small-minded and vulnerable. Luckily, each rescued puppy noted a affectionate forever dwelling thanks to astounding volunteers at Second City Canine Rescue.

Image recognitions: bear_the_greatpyr

Image recognitions: bear_the_greatpyr

Over the course of a couple months not only did the puppies’ identity change, but they became health, active and very happy the group of friends of their owners. One of the pups, Bear( formerly Barksy ), even has an Instagram account to share his daily adventures.

Image credits: bear_the_greatpyr

Another adopter, Eric Hartman, shared a picture of his pup from the offspring, Elsa( formerly Georgia ), in the comments segment of Second City Canine Rescue’s post on Facebook.

Image recognitions: Eric Hartmann

To help other dogs in need, you are able to make a donation to Second City Canine Rescue.

Check out Another Two Hounds Saved Off The Street and Their Incredible Recovery

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Mama Dog Reunites With Her Puppy In Heartwarming Video

OMG! My newborns! My newborns! All my newborns are here !

If this joyous momma puppy could communicate, those would probably be the words she’d have said when she saw her puppies after an anxiety-filled separation.

A video of the dog’s reunion with her children was shared online by the Marin Humane Society this week. The Bay Area group explained that the dog, referred Cora, was surrendered by her owner on Saturday. After a written examination, it became clear that Cora has only demonstrated birth.

The Humane Society told SFGate that Cora’s former proprietor was “evasive and unwilling to admit” that the dog had had any puppies. Eventually, however, different groups “ve managed” convince the owner to cede the four puppies, who were still too young to be separated from their momma.

Prior to the reunion on Monday, Cora had been skittish and “frightened.” The dog’s transformation at the spate of her puppies was captivated on camera.

At the beginning of the video, Cora can be seen putting timidly in a corner. Once she realized that her puppies were there, she rushed forward to respond them, her tail wagging with delight.

“We captivated the moment when sad and scared mummy have to see her puppies again. Tears of joyfulnes all around at this glad reunion, ” the Marin Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

According to SFGate, the puppies are always called after Downton Abbey references. The three male puppies became Branson, Carson and Molesley while the girl was identified Edith.( “Cora” is also a character on the popular TV substantiate .)

The Marin Humane Society said Cora and her puppies were all doing very well. They’ve been placed in a foster residence, and will eventually be put up with a view to its adoption.

Visit Petfinder.com or your local SPCA to find out how you can adopt a eternally furry acquaintance of your own.

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Little Dogs Living In Filth At A Puppy Mill Get A New Lease On Life

It’s been said before, but it never throbs to repeat it: When you buy puppies from most pet stores, you’re actually reinforcing horrifying puppy mills.

If you’re in the search of a new bundle of joy in their own lives, please visit your neighbourhood animal shelter, save establishment, or even the pound. There are hundreds of dogs looking for desiring eternally dwellings, and if you’re looking to expand their own families, make sure your brand-new best friend isn’t the outcomes of inhumane puppy mills .

The Wollongong Animal Rescue Network lately rescued seven cute little puppies who had known nothing but a restricted and filthy life. They were spawned to be sold at a pet accumulation, but after being rescued, they’re eventually warm, fed, and have the safety that every animal deserves.

Hopefully these sugared little puppies won’t have to wait very long before someone opens up their dwelling to one of them.

You can find more information on the No Pet Store Puppies projection website and learn how you can help stop this cruelty for good.

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Puppy Shot 18 Experiences With BB Gun Makes ‘Remarkable’ Recovery

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A Labrador mix puppy has made a “remarkable recuperation” after being shot at least 18 periods with a Bb gun in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Brody was rushed to the hospital on Sunday after a utility worker at a local apartment complex discerned the animal “bleeding heavily” from multiple winds, WSOC-TV reported. The laborer told police that he’d envisioned a group of 15 to 20 teenagers playing with the puppy minutes before.

Veterinarians at Ebenezer Animal Hospital knew 18 BB pellets lodged in the puppy’s scalp and muscle. They too discovered that the dog was suffered by a number of intestinal parasites.

“There is no doubt here, this is one of the worst deeds I’ve ever seen, ” Dr. Jay Hreiz told WSOC-TV. “It’s hard to think that someone could be capable of doing something to an animal this young and defenseless.”

Fortunately, Brody is “gonna pull through” despite his numerous traumata, hospital co-owner April Sprawn told the Myrtle Beach Herald. “He’s a strong little boy. He’s genuinely, really sweet.”

Doctors have chosen not to remove the BB pellets from Brody’s body as his young age reaches it too risky to throw him under anesthesia. Since the pellets did not suffered any vital organs, doctors said it’s possible he won’t need to have them removed them at all.

“He’s really young so he has a striking they are able to mend at his age. Brody may be able to live a health normal life with all those BBs in him, ” Hreiz told the Herald, adding: “He’s so far depicting a striking recovery contributed what’s going on with him.”

On Tuesday, Rock Hill patrols announced that a 14 -year-old and 17 -year-old were arrested in connection with the shooting. The investigation into the crime is ongoing.

In the meantime, the pup is get “lots and lots of attention. We’re trying to teach him parties aren’t bad, ” vet Ryn Marlowe told Mashable.

Marlowe also said that thanks to the help of non-profit Project Safe Pet, Brody has already knew a eternally home. Once he’s fully recovered, he’ll have a brand-new category to love and snuggle with.

Lucky them!

Brody may have found a dwelling, but there are plenty of other animals with tales like his who have yet to be adopted. Visit Petfinder or your local ASPCA to learn how to adopt a Brody of your own.

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She Sounded Her Baby Crying In The Middle Of A Raging Flood And Stopped At Nothing To Save Her

Over the last few months, overflows have been a deadly, though common, existence throughout India. Already killing at the least 70 beings, they’ve proven deadly to humanity, and if it weren’t for the heroism of one father bird-dog, several puppies would have succumbed, too.

When floodwaters rose in Chennai, one digres hound got separated from her children. Watch as she swims through a garbage-infested creek in an effort to find and save the pups.

( via Metro)

Watching from above, the observers no doubt pleased they could have helped this mama. But after she helped her firstly little one, we are able to tell she had everything under control — according to witnesses she saved three more!

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Meet Picasso, The Perfectly Imperfect Dog That No One Required

Meet Picasso, the dog with a twisted mouth, who, together with his brother Pablo, was left at a shelter and slated to be euthanised. The siblings were born to a backyard breeder, who managed to sell all the puppies from the offspring, except for Picasso who has a exceedingly observable facial aberration. After being surrendered to a shelter, Picasso soon went reunited with Pablo, as their own families who bought his brother changed their mind about having a pooch. The brethren didn’t have much hour left before being put to sleep…

And that’s when Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in. “I just happened to ask[ if they] had any unusual-looking or special necessaries pups, ” Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, told The Dodo. “[ They] transported me Picasso’s shelter intake photo. He was bent in a pup bottom, and appeared really sad. His twisted look was startling, but he had soft and gentle gazes, and for me it was enjoy at first sight! ”

Luvable will take both boys in and make sure they get adopted together after Picasso undergoes surgery to remove the teeth pushing into the ceiling of his mouth.

Meet Picasso, the dog born with a distorted mouth, who, together with his brother Pablo, was left at a shelter

They were slated to be euthanised. The siblings were born to a backyard breeder…

Who managed to sell all the puppies from the litter. Except for Picasso who has a facial abnormality

After being surrendered to a shelter, Picasso soon get reunited with Pablo…

As the family who bought two brothers changed their knowledge about having a pooch

The brothers didn’t have much hour left before being put to sleep…

And that’s when Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in. “I just happened to ask[ if they] had any special demands dogs”

“[ They] transported me Picasso’s shelter intake photo. He was bent in a bird-dog bed, and gazed very sad”

“His twisted face was startling, but he had soft and soothing eyes, and for me it was enjoy at first sight! ”

Luvable will take both boys in and make sure they get adopted together

Watch the video here:

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