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My 13 Wholesome Comics About Cats And Dogs

Hello! My name is Beanie and I’m an creator who outlines comics about my life and my preoccupation with hounds( and “cat-o-nine-tails” !). Pets realize “peoples lives” brighter and I enjoy captivating cute minutes with them that I notice in real life.

I do not have a pet of my own currently but I truly want a hound so I am always on the lookout for cute pups on wall street. I glean comics about the ones I see around as well as the wonderful domesticateds I used to have growing up. I truly hope to get my own pup one day and draw comics about them too.

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When you have to work but the dog is just too cute

The tragedy of accidentally stepping on your pet’s paw

4 cute things that dogs do

4 cute things that felines do

When hounds get the zoomies

Cats are mysterious cuddly creatures

Pointing out dogs

Dogs make everything better

You will find me where the dogs are

Dog spotting difficulties

A not-so-subtle hint for a belly rub

Blessed by a cold-nose boop

When a cute dog passes me by on the street


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What Life Is Like Before And After You Get A Dog, In 9 Comics

Getting a dog will change your life.

While you were once a dedicated meat Instagrammer, life after dog means your feed is now overflowing with your pooch doing just about everything. Your paycheck is now spent on very different things than life B.D.( before dog ), and as for your gondola? Well, “youve never” expect the seats to be clean again.

You’ll undoubtedly find that the mess and the money is all worth the unconditional affection and rejoice your dog renders every single date. In the comics below, illustrator John Huang captivates the beautiful life he shares with his golden retriever Maimai. All dog proprietors are sure to relate.

1 A Leisurely Dinner After Work


2 The Status Of Your Car


3 The Status Of Every Fluffy Thing You Own


4 Where Your Money Goes


5 Your Feelings Toward Other Animals


6 Your Camera Roll


7 What Your Home Tends To Seem Like


8 The Lifespan Of Your Electronics


9 What You Do For Fun