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Howling Husky Throws Adorable Temper Tantrum When Told To Get Out Of The Bath

Normally, hounds sprint for the door when they discover the word “walk, ” super evoked to go outside for a bit. But not Zeus. He’s much happier where reference is hears the word “bath.”

According to his owner, the tenacious husky adores nothing more than to take tubs and play in the liquid. Often, he even lies in the bathtub and crave for the liquid to be turned on. On this occasion, Zeus’ mom constituted it quite clear to him that it wasn’t shower epoch and that they were going out for a stroll. That’s when the puppy shed a full-blown toddler-style humor tantrum, full of whimpers and howls.

It’s okay, Zeus, I appear your sting. Perhaps if you make sure to get additional soiled during your stroll you’ll get that shower!

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