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Firefighters Constituting With Rescue Puppies For Charity Will Set Your World On Fire

What could make a benevolence calendar of ripped semi-naked firefighters better than good? Well, that all depends on your smell in dockets. But one thing’s for sure: everything is saw better with puppies, and this docket is no exception.

The Firefighters Calendar is something of a habit in Australia. It started in 1993 and all the follows go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital’s scorches gang. The docket has raised over$ 1 million to date, and this year they hope to raise even more coin by posing with adorable save puppies on lend from Safe Haven Animal Rescue. All the animals are up for adoption and the continues will be split with the RSPCA, so if you’re wondering what to buy grandmother this Christmas then ponder no more. It’s sure to deters her warm this winter. You can buy them here.

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