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Nora The Former Mistreated Dog, Finds Comfort With Unexpected Friend

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Nora has hard a hard life. Recently rescued from an abusive residence, Nora was terrified of everything and everyone. Except, when it comes to brand-new up-and-comer, newborn Archie.


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The English Pointer was adopted into a loving eternally residence lately, yet still lost sever pain from her previous abusive dwelling.

But things changed for the better when Archie developed around.

Dogs are often known to protect babies, but in Nora’s case it was the opposite.


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Little baby Archie is holding Nora the consolation and protection she needs.

Nora was most likely drawn to Archie because, like most puppies and children, they are innocent and suffer.

When mother Elizabeth Spencer saw how calm and loosened Nora was around Archie she started to witness their bond and how it was growing.

She did what any mom would do….

She documented everything


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Elizabeth mainly photographs Nora and Archie during their snoozes.

The two are usually fondling with their backs against one another and with a doll. This just proves that Nora is a big softy.


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Although coming from an abusive and traumatic past, she is sweet and soothing that even the family’s feline doesn’t head being the permutation doll and snuggle.


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The family’s other rescued pup likewise likes to join in for the purposes of an afternoon nap.

Elizabeth does stress that although her hounds are soft and gentle with newborn Archie, she does not left open alone and nap occasion is always supervised.


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Nora and Archie became best friend instant and their alliance merely grows.

Along with their snoozes they enjoy ogling outside at the view, for hours.


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At firstly, Elizabeth wanted to only document the relationship that had formed between Nora and Archie. Nonetheless , now she hope to introducing more awareness to rescue puppies and how an older/ bigger bird-dog with a troubled past, can still be a wonderful sidekick for small children.


You’ve Maybe Seen This Dog And Baby, But Their Story Is Even Cuter In Full

With all the studies that answer juveniles who grow up with domesticateds are less likely to have allergies and are often most responsible, it’s easy to overlook the most important point interest of all — how damned CUTE they are together!

Some mothers are obsessed to initiate their newborn to an already grown-up swine, but their frights are often false.

Much like when cats and dogs are raised in the same home, babies and puppies who grow up together simply are well aware that their best friend is warm, snuggly, and always there for them.

Eisleigh and her pit cop Clyde are all the evidence we need.

This is Eisleigh and her big, beautiful bestie, Clyde.

They’ve been inseparable since the very beginning.

In fact, you’ve perhaps seen this adorable video of the two of them…

But their cuteness point had recently increased over the years.

Together, they’ve taken on the world. They learned to swim…

And have explored the great outdoors.

Clyde even heartened Eisleigh on as she took some of her first steps.

Naturally, more than a few sleeps have been necessary.

And despite what many beings mistakenly guess about pit policemen, Eisleigh has never been scared of her buddy.

We can’t wait to watch them flourish even bigger and more cute!

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How cute are these two ?! I wish I could just snuggle up with them for a good nap session…is three a bunch?

If you’d like to follow along with their cute adventures, check out their mom’s Instagram and YouTube pages.

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Getting Your Dog Trained Is Easy

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Cute pup sleeping on the stairways.

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No pets were harmed planned of this film.

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