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Woman Tells An Elderly Possum Stay In Her Garage, Her Nephew Posts Pic Online And It Departs Viral

“Gotta admit, that’s one ugly cat, ” says a comment on a r/ aww thread about an unique lodger who has taken up residence in someone’s aunt’s garage: an opossum. Hank, as he’s affectionately announced, may not have the charm of the puppies and kitties that even off most of the posts on the subreddit for all things cute, but the story’s wholesomeness has Redditors talking about why we should be appreciative for opossums, which are often casually called possums in North America.

A Reddit user from Louisiana says that the age-old, grumpy-looking animal has been a frequent visitor at their aunt’s house for a couple of years. With wintertime approaching, he began sleeping in the garage, so she demo him some good old-time Southern hospitality and put under a covering and snacks for him. Though Hank certainly isn’t a pet, he seems to have come to an understanding that her garage is a safe haven for him.

Hank is a big hit on r/ aww

Opossums only live for 2-3 years, so Hank may not be around for long, but the Louisiana resident is happy to let him waste his old age somewhere where he’ll be safe from piranhas. And, as commenters point out, leaving opossums to do their thing is a great way to keep ticks and other dangerous pests under control. If you’re wondering how they catch so many clicks, it is about to change that they just groom themselves perpetually, so any ticking that tracts on them becomes a snack. Wildlife experts say that opossums cleaning process glitches, garden-variety pests such as bullets, and rotting fruit, and even hunt poisonous snakes. After doing such good work for his community, Hank deserves a comfy retirement, don’t you think?

Scroll down for some cute opossum pics and information about why these misunderstood animals induce great neighbors and you shouldn’t bother them if you appreciate them in your neighborhood!

Image ascribes: INKgear

Image ascribes: Land Between the Pond

Image ascribes: InnerFish

Image credits: Overlordzelli

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Here are the prejudiceds on Twitter who hide behind their babies

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Being a prejudiced on Twitter is bad enough, but secreting behind a picture of your domesticated while tweeting racist sentiments? That’s cowardly and laughable. Fortunately, a Twitter account announced Racist Pets is uncovering the people who use their furry acquaintances as social media avatars.

Racist Pets doesn’t bother commenting on the accounts it exposes. It plainly indicates screenshots of the tweets, along with a picture of their pet.

Sometimes these prejudiceds even hide behind cute little babe swine. Like this cuddly piling of xenophobic puppies.

Or this adorable hitherto bigoted fox cub.

Even meerkats aren’t safe.

And, only to prove these racists are in fact human, the history would point out that they sometimes take a break from spewing loathe to spew, well … other things.

Racist Pets is run by someone living in London, so most of the tweets focus on British intolerance. But clearly, there are a number of Americans who are willing to pawn their racist ideas off on their pets. You likely already know about one of them.

Dogs, by the way, absolutely have knees. It’s almost as if these people are rejecting realities just so they can expound their naive, crazy theories.

One person, while still totally a bigot, at least picked the right swine to represent their cowardly behavior: a chicken.

Then again, chickens are actually useful.

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These 30 Puppies Are So Ridiculously Cute, You’d Do Absolutely Anything For Them

Is there anything better in the world than newborn animals?

Unless you hate cute concepts, your answer is most likely no. Although pretty much any animal is cute as a child, puppies are among the most adorable. Their sugared, furry faces can make even the grouchiest parties smile, and snuggling with them is pure bliss.

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So if you’re having a rough time, all you need to do is check out the ridiculously cute puppy illustrations below. They’re guaranteed to brighten up your date( and obligate you want to adopt one…or 10 ).

1. The vest constructs him even more lovable.

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2. Nuzzling with this fuzzball would be the best stuff ever.

3. That look is just begging to be kissed.

4. Why, yes, I’ll scratch your ears while feeding you kibble.

5. “You will now gives people considers, helpless hooman.”

6. Take you to the park instead of go to work? You got it.

7. And now I’m squealing.

8. Ice cream for dinner? You clearly deserve it!

9. “You may baby me now.”

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10. I need to know where I can find this assortment pack of cuteness.

11. I think we can all agree on this.

12. Please come home with me, little nugget.

13. Those baby blues are all that is right in the world.

14. How beautiful is that coat?

15. I’ll START a barrage for this cutie.

16. Poor baby! She was a little apprehensive on the first day of submission class.

17. I only want to get her a bit pillow.

18. Yes, I will do whatever you want.

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19. Okay, I’m officially in love.

20. Her face acquires me so happy.

21. Be right back. I have to stop my nerve from melting.

22. This pup’s fluffiness knows no bounds.

23. He could make anyone smile.

24. This is all she needs to do to get out of trouble.

25. Those ears!

26. Okay, just take my lunch!

27. It’s baby Chewbacca!

28. I would sell my belongings to be able to poke that belly.

29. The goggle differentiates acquire her even more endearing.

30. He stirs me feel all warm and fuzzy.

See? Puppies become everything better. I only wish that I could accommodate them all and never give them go.

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She Told Her Rescue Dog To Smile…What He Did Employed The Biggest Smile On My Face

Herbert has a lot to smile about these days. He was rescued from a life perhaps invested chiefly in a cage, is with a cherishing foster lineage, and is almost ready to be adopted to his forever dwelling!

So how does he show off his gratitude and how rightfully joyous he is? Well, it’s not all that different from you or me…”Say cheese! “

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say cheese

Posted by Amanda Robles on Saturday, January 9, 2016

According to Amanda Robles, who’s fostering the five-month-old pooch for PAWS animal shelter in Chicago, “He’s such a sugared son and ever wants to sleep in your lap. Now that he made u titter, help find him a dwelling! “

Sarah McDonald, a spokesperson for PAWS Chicago speaks, “While in foster, he’s hearing how to be a puppy, get lots of fondles, and working on develop. He’s really come out of his shell wonderfully.”

We completely agree. So, who’s ready to adopt this photogenic puppy?

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Blaze Loves His Kennel (ORIGINAL) Husky Says No to Kennel – Funny

Speaking 11 month old husky, 'Blaze' from New Hampshire, chooses his flexibility and also says "No" to his kennel (with annotations).

For licensing/usage of this video, please call licensing( at) jukinmedia.com.

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Top 10 Funny and Cute Dog Videos

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