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My Rescue Dogs Become Best Pal With Rescue Ducklings

All our cute dogs are save. Pikelet was saved from fatality sequence at just 5 weeks old-time and assembled our lineage. He was not just good around our promote puppies, preferably he was quite incredible. Bonding almost straight away, Pikelet has a knack for accepting orphaned puppies and schooling them how to dog.

Later one more puppy, Patty Cakes, joined our clas. He was an old-fashioned feeling in a squishy, perfectly cute bull-breed concoction puppy body.

March this year we were once again offered the opportunity to foster for Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. Exclusively this time it wasn’t orphaned puppies we are able to fostering, it was two babe orphaned ducklings! Penguin& Popinjay( as we have named them) are now approx 4 weeks old-time. Ducklings will be adopted as a pair and the authorities concerned will of course be asking for Patty’s, who took over their mom character, permission in noting the perfect eternally home.

Patty& Pikey take a lot of dignity and care with the working day to date duck functions. They ingest, sleep and play together. We often inspect a neighbourhood common where both the puppy& ducks can run and play video games and we even visit the small harbour bird-dog beach where everyone can enjoy a swim together on really hot days.

Pikelet was saved from fatality sequence at just 5 weeks old and assembled our family

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Artist stagecoaches peaceful puppy dissent for social equality

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Free to be you and me( and pups ).

Protests come in all sizes, from silent to rowdy. But an Australian master may have topped them all with a peaceful protest exploiting puppies.

Hundreds of dachshunds and a peppering of rouge, short-legged puppers took to the streets( and nearby beach) of Henley, South Australia over the weekend, announcing for inclusivity and following. Yes, really.

The close-to-the-ground canines and their suit-wearing owneds were the subjects of artist Andrew Baines latest photo activity. The study seeks to highlight the plight of overlooked small dogs and( by rather interminable postponement) marginalised and persecuted human members of society.

Baines said here puppies were more than their hair and short legs, telling Mashable that whole happen was a analogy for “inclusiveness of minorities in society.”

The project was borne of Baines observation that smaller puppies at his local beach would flow the risk of being trampled by bigger animals. He told Mashable “I’d ever discovered sausage dogs trying desperately to run at the figurehead of the battalions, they have a very determined attribute. At days they would be knocked over by the bigger engenders and left floundering … I realised they were a doggy minority.”

Beach time without fright of being trampled by big dogs.

Image: Andrew Baines

The pet owners in the photos “ve been given” specific instruction to dress in the suited outfit in which they appear with Baines explaining “I create a lot of imagery featuring suits in the high seas as a metaphor for corporate escapism.”

While imagery of small dogs as a analogy for societal inclusivity might be a bit of a extend, perhaps it’s the kind of extending that get cogs of change awhirring? Either course, it’s adorable.

Work, life, balance.

Image: Andrew Baines

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Inside Johnny Depp and Amber Heards Split: Alleged Domestic Abuse, Photo Hacks, and Terriergate

After meeting on’ The Rum Diary ,’ the two virtuosoes weathered photo hacks and an Australian witch-hunt, aka’ terriergate .’ But now, Heard has filed for divorce–and accused him of overpowering her.”>

UPDATE 05/27/ 16: TMZ reports that Amber Heard arrived in court Friday with traumata on her appearance and photos depicting harms she says Depp foisted on her multiple times throughout their matrimony. The latest hurt, Heard says, happened Saturday night when Depp crushed his iPhone on her face. She claims the actor offered her coin to stay quiet but instead she registered for divorce the following morning. Heard is also searching a temporary restraining order against the actor.

Shed given to affectionately announcing him Tonto, the specific characteristics he represented in the disasterpiece The Lone Ranger, and theyd weathered a series of tabloid pseudo-scandals, but this week, the astonishing actress Amber Heard decided to call it discontinues with her screen icon partner, Johnny Depp .

Heard, 30, reportedly registered for divorce from the 52 -year-old Depp on May 22, two days after the proceed of his mother, Betty Sue Palmer. She was 81.

According to TMZ, the couple had no prenuptial agreement and Heard is seeking spousal support from her ex, who is worth an estimated $400 millionand is the proud proprietor of a 6-beach island in the Bahamas that hes dubbed Fuck Off Island . Depps solicitor, Laura Wasser, has registered a response soliciting that the judge reject the spousal supporter assert. Heard is, of course, a popular actress in her own claim, having recently starred in the films Magic Mike XXL and The Danish Girl. She is also set to whiz as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis, in the upcoming superhero blockbusters Aquaman and the two-part Justice League film. Depp, meanwhile, has the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass opening this weekend.

It had been, if the tabloids are to be imagined, a relationship fraught with difficultiesthe considerably older Depp covered as the pursuer and Heard the passionately pursued.

Depp had handpicked Heard over a bevy of other screen attractiveness, including Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, to star opposite him as the glamorous female produce of The Rum Diary. The movie was a labor of love for Deppshot in scenic Puerto Rico, adapted from the Hunter S. Thompson novel of the same call, and with the actor playing a version of his late crony. Filming for the movie started in March 2009 and lasted through the summer, and their chemistry onscreen is evident. There was, by the stars own admission, quite a bit of boozing during product, with rum the drink of choice.

In a prior interview with The Daily Beast, Heard announced filming The Rum Diary the best event ever, and shared a fib about Depp obtaining her a bicycle for her birthday that she razzed all over San Juan. I boozed lots of rum and tried not to fall off my bicycle, she said.

There were light-headed rumors at the time that the chemistry between Depp and Heard persisted when the cameras stopped wheeling, though both performers have remained mum about exactly when their woo triggered. Depp was still in a long-term tie-in with his partner( and the mother of his two children) Vanessa Paradis, while Heard was dating her partner Tasya van Ree. Heard would confirm such relationships with van Ree, coming out as bisexual at GLAADs 25 th anniversary party in December 2010.

I exactly decided to removing the cloak of ambiguity and the darknes it creates on those in the media who choose to keep it a secret or just simply dont talking here it, Heard told The Daily Beast. Its still not[ amply abode] but the needs for doing that is all the most frequently asked, important, and necessary.

The Rum Diary was released in October 2011 to mixed reviews and mediocre box office receipts, but it reunited Depp and Heard for the cinemas interminable worldwide promotional tour. Shortly afterwards, rumors inaugurated circulating that Depp had separated from Paradis, his partner of 14 yearsthey hadnt been examined together in public for monthsand they released an official proclamation through their publicist( s) corroborating it in June 2012, saying, Please respect their privacy, and even more importantly, the privacy of their children.

I saw Paradisthe stunning actress, vocalist, and former modelat her New York pied–terre a few months after the separation proclamation, and she seemed rather worn out by all the gossip, refusing to expand to the reasons why they separate.

I dont sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth or has done a proper columnists work onthatsituation, she emphatically told me. Nowadays, parties conjecture, but nothing knows! I have my children to shield. There are children involved, so its certainly no ones business but the family.

In late 2012, following the separate notice, Depp and Heard led public with their relationship. They briefly broke up in late 2012 Heard reportedly dropped Depp for French model Marie de Villepin( the daughter of former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin) but had reunited by April the following year. They grew participated on Christmas Eve 2013, and apparently the actress involved some serious convincing.

Amber actually took her time to make up her recollection, information sources told Celebuzz. She revolved him down before, before she said yes. So she awaited and used to think it for a long time. Depp even took to wearing an engagement doughnut on his paw, claiming it was too big for Heard.

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Uber propels a new implement to assistant planners design better metropolis

Uber Movement in Sydney, Australia .
Image: Uber

Now operating in more than 450 places, Uber is sitting on a resource of data regarding how our metropolitans operate.

Notorious for its searing duels with local government, the travel applauding service is playing a tad nicer in 2017, doing some of that knowledge accessible to infrastructure planners and researchers with a new website announced Movement.

Uber product manager Jordan Gilbertson and head of transportation programme Andrew Salzberg said in a statement that Movement aims to help planners “make informed decisions about our cities.”

Sharing information around the length of journeys and road conditions at specified time and days of the week, Movement aggregates Uber’s data, ostensibly countenancing planners to take a look at which areas may need new infrastructure investment to speed up excursions and ease congestion.

Sharing this kind of data makes obvious privacy feelings for equestrians, but Uber says the information will be “anonymized and aggregated.”

Uber is conceding first Movement access to planning governments, but will let the public in mid-February. The busines has partnered with organisations in Washington DC, Manila and Sydney to work on the commodity and will include more metropolitans shortly, an Uber spokeperson told Mashable .

The American corporation has been opening up its volumes in small paths in recent months. In October, it launched the IPA Transport Metric in partnership with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia( IPA) to share data on “road network performance” in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Despite initiatives like the IPA Transport Metric and Movement, Uber is not quite willing to share all its data.

In early January, the company emailed New York passengers asking them to protest the standard rules that necessitates the company share ride destination report with the city government.

“We have an obligation to protect our riders’ data, especially in an age when information collected by government agencies like the TLC can be hacked, shared, ill-use or otherwise made public, ” Uber said in a statement at the time.

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7 self-love preaching Instagrammers to get you through next year

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Your Instagram feed is likely nowhere near the upper part of the roll of things accentuating you out in 2016, but why add to it?

The end of its first year is the perfect time to cut happens out of your life that stir you feel low-toned. And Instagram envy is no good.

Fitspo modelings with impractical admonition? Cut ’em. Spruikers of “clean eating” with all the cash in the world to render an organic life? Unfollow. Your high school frenemy who you still creep on? Nope.

But no need to become anti-fitness or switch off your social media altogether( unless that sounds good, in which lawsuit, go for it ).

Instead, debate who gets your precious “follow” and fill up your feed with positive women who realise you feel good about yourself artistic people who genuinely inspire you.

Here are seven Australian legends to start you off.

1. @jesscochranepaints_

Jessica Cochrane is an artist from Canberra who plays with the representatives of femininity. She paints over likeness that at first seem to represent tropes of conventional attractivenes, shifting them into something unexpected.

Come for the prowes, stay for the puppies.

2. @definatalie

Queensland’s Natalie Perkins is an artistic extraordinaire with an Etsy shop announced Fancy Lady Industries, that’s well worth a inspect. Her Instagram account is full of arty activities, with a accepting community that mandates “no diet talk” and “no fat shaming.”

Look at my bright galah brooch made by @winnifreds_daughter! I enjoy galahs very much .

A photo posted by illuminatalie (@ definatalie) on Sep 21, 2016 at 1:47 am PDT

3. @saramaijewels

Sarah Jane Adams is a Sydney jewellery designer and Instagram superstar. With beautiful styles, plus frequent errands to India and other venues, Adams’ account lights with enjoyable and dare. If you needed some motivation for living well, here it is.

4. @stefania_model

Stefania Ferrario is an Australian simulation with an important message. She popularised the #DropThePlus hashtag, proposing for the “plus” to be removed when describing modelings more curvies than the fashion industry’s unrealistic standards.

“It connotes bigger than ordinary; it’s already imparting off the idea that this whole group of women who fall under this label are not the norm, ” she told Broadly .

5. @flex. mami

Not exclusively does Sydney DJ FlexMami( otherwise known as Lillian Ahenkan) play enormous music, she also has best available modes and spreads a meaning of self cherish. If you like one or all of those events, satisfy follow her on Instagram as soon as possible.

Plus, she opens perfect elevator selfie.

6. @femmeplastic

Laura Vud is a Queer identified, Melbourne-based photographer and plus size modeling. She’s well worth a follow if you like your feed full of technicolour makeup and stylish, joyful images of Vud and her friends. As her site says, she’s about “celebrating all bodies as good bodies.”

7. @amrita_moves

Amrita Hepi is a Sydney-based dancer, choreographer and activist. Of Indigenous Australian Bundjalung and Ngpuhi( Maori) patrimony, she has funnelled her A+ creativity into social good.

Her Hollaback dance first-class are a neighbourhood for no judgement, where even the freshest apprentices can read some of Rihanna’s best moves, free of chagrin. Make her Instagram pics get you to the dance floor.

8. @beibadgirl

Bei Badgirl is a Melbourne artist and self-proclaimed expert in “Cute( Kawaii ). ” Not exclusively does she dish some impressive manga-inspired ways, she has great art and merch delight see this Kim Kardashian rod if you disbelieve it.

9. @elliagreen

Ellia Tiriseyani Green is a bona fide Olympic gold medallist. She and Australia’s womens rugby 7s team( the very first of its category) predominated at the 2016 Activity in Rio de Janeiro.

If you crave some legit fitness inspiration, from someone who knows, here’s where to find it.

10. @ellecurve

If you need a speedy dish of pattern brainchild, Elyse “Elle” Lithgow is there for you. Her Insta is full to the brim with enormous styles for all reasons. Require to wear stripes on stripes? Tell Lithgow present you how. Fashion rules into the bin!


Sea lions jostling to get an up-close look at this winging drone thingy

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A large-scale knot of ocean lions looking at a drone camera is even cuter than it seems .
Image: Jacqueline Mcghie

Sea lions are pretty cute swine already, but a bunch of them examining curiously at a drone camera? It’ll become you squee inside.

It’s a slew was arrested by Australian photographer Jacqueline McGhie, who was in a boat with her boyfriend in Jurien Bay, Western Australia. They often spot sea lions playing in the irrigate, so McGhie knows their behaviour pretty well.

“The Sea Lions remind me of puppies, I’ve swum with these particular sea lions before in the warmer months and they’re ever so curious and playful. They mimic you and show off with their ridiculously good underwater aerobatic abilities, ” McGhie told Mashable via email.

Image: jacqueline mcghie

But “its been” the sea lions’ anxious jostling to get a look at the couple’s brand-new monotone that caught them by surprise.

“It was really interesting to see them all so transfixed on the droning. I was worried about launching it in case the interference fright them but we stopped it far enough and it doesn’t show it would have bother them anyway.

“They were just so focused and strange about what is was. As soon as we moved the monotone they all shifted and followed it until we poised in one place and then the latter are pushing over each other to get a better review. Like I said, just like curious puppies! “

No, we’re not anxious at all.

[ h/ t WA Today ]

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Borrowed animals cavorting in a field are too cute for words

When language miscarries, we will ever have videos of swine being cute. And an animal sanctuary in Australia may just have the holy grail of animal #content.

The Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is a charity-run sanctuary in the Hunter Valley that acts as a dwelling to farm animals in need of a bit TLC and a lot of democracy to stray. Something easily achievable on the 100 acre property.

Their adopted farm animals frolic in enormous paddocks, free to nuzzle, delve and dance as their little centers desire.

Edna was rescued from a backyard in Sydney. Beings can ‘sponsor’ the swine via their website.

The sanctuary too happens to be bright at capturing the animal’s sheer rapture on social media.

Harriet. Rescue piglet. Superhero. Ambassador for the voiceless: the swine. #throwback #lovepigsnotpork #ihaveworktodo #wherepigsfly

A photo posted by Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary (@ wherepigsflyfarmsanctuary) on Jun 8, 2016 at 1:50 pm PDT

This trio of pigs, Harriet, Dustin and Wilbur, come when called, just like puppies.

There’s a reason the word “happy as a boar in mud” exists.

Or perhaps you prefer skittish child lambs, showing their commotion for life in literal leaps and bounds.

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Prepare to legit fall in love with five fluffy dingo pups

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Dingo puppies? Yes please .
Image: Featherdale wildlife park

Dingoes get a bad rap from time to time, but how could you dismiss how cute they are.

These five dingo pups reside at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, the first for new mum Smudge and father, Bear.

The three girl children and two boys were born on Jul. 10, and did we mention they’re truly, certainly adorable? The wildlife park is containing a “Dingo Puppy Weekend” so visitors can take photos for their Instagram etc. for maximum likes. Don’t say you didn’t think about doing it.

Dingo puppies aren’t super common, with adults spawning only once a year. Litter sizes array from four to six pups, according to the Queensland Department of Environment. When they grow up, they are unable stand more than 60 centimetres( 23 inches) high-pitched and weigh between 13 to 18 kilograms( 28 to 39 lbs ).

Now, all you is a requirement to do is just stare into their attentions and fall in love.


Image: featherdale wildlife park

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Researchers Warn Of Proliferating Trend For Flat-Faced Dogs

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By looking at the number of hounds covering 180 makes registered over the past 28 times in Australia, investigates have been able to build up a picture of trends in hound possession. What they found was a growing trend and popularity for shorter and smaller pedigree hounds with wider and shorter faces.

“Australians are privileging brachycephalic makes, hounds with shorter and wider leaders, such as the Pug and the French bulldog, more than those with longer and thinner leaders, explains Kendy Teng, who co-authored the research are presented in Canine Genetics and Epidemiology. Ogling at data covering 28 times, we found that the demand for smaller hounds has increased every year from 1986. “

The investigates looked at pedigree hounds registered over a point between 1986 and 2013. What we are really procured was a stunning reduced in the number of pooches on the books, crashing from 95,792 to 66,902. But within that data was another tendency, as the decline in bigger makes registered was biggerthan that for medium and smaller hounds, and within that, there was a massive increased number of those with wide-eyed, flat faces.

Pugs, French bulldogs, and other makes with such wide-eyed, flat beaks are what are known as brachycephalic hounds. This simply is necessary that their skull looks like it has been squeezed from front to back, and can lead to some severe health problems. The central topic to affect these hounds is rigor breathing, as despite having shorter airways and narrower nasal fissures, the dogs retain all the internal soft material making it harder for the swine to glean the breeze in. This is why the dogs are often heard wheezing and snoring.

The eye sockets of brachycephalic hounds are also shallower, making their sees to protrude and making the cornea more exposed. Not merely that, but the excess skin on the dog’s face too models bends and crevices, contributing bacteria and yeast the ideal milieu in which to change. This can ultimately lead to the micro-organisms occupying the scalp and making infection and rednes. Despite being able to treat the dogs with antibiotics and cleaning of the bends, this unfortunately merely plows the symptoms, and not the cause.

“Veterinarians are interested in brachycephalic dogs’ welfare, as these makes frequently suffer from wheezing difficulties, scalp and gaze positions, and digestive diseases, saidTeng. In New Zealand, brachycephalic makes are number four of the top five hound makes considered by veterinarians to be unsuitable for continued produce due to compromised health and welfare. We expect to see vets in Australia considering more hounds with the conditions described.

But it seems that this isnt simply a trend for Australia and New Zealand. In the U.K ., the Kennel Club has also reported an increased number of these kinds of makes. What is driving their popularity is still up for dialogue. The authors suggest that it could be a number of different intellects, such as city-living parties downsizing their residences, or a shift towards more parties now deterring hounds as companions rather than as work animals.

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