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Jeb Bush recalls a grease-gun says ‘America.’ These 13 photos say it better.

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Yesterday, presidential nominee Jeb Bush tweeted this:

( Fun fact: The handgun in the picture was made by the American subsidiary of a Belgian company that made firearms for the Nazis in World War II. The only way Jeb’s gun could be less “American” is if it was photographed killing flaring missiles at an American-flag bikini .)

I know what you’re thinking. Perhaps something like, “Why would … how did … that’s not … whaaaaaa …??? ”

To which I react: “Yes. Surely. Welcome to the party. Grab yourself a drink.”

The response to Jeb! ‘s tweet was … mixed.

Some answered bluntly.

While others responded in kind, posting images of weapons that they concluded represented the spirit of other enormous nations and imaginary planets:

Comedian Cameron Esposito took the opportunity to say perhaps America is better represented with images like this:

That’s Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space.

Naturally, numerous were quick to point out the problematic nature of using a grease-gun to represent a country that has a massive and unflinching firearm problem.

In 2015 alone, about 13, 000 people were killed by grease-guns in the United States , which isn’t exactly something to be gentleman or patriotic about.

Whether you think America is about guns or diversity or a shockingly wide-eyed variety of Oreo flavors, one thing became clear in the aftermath of Bush’s tweet: It’s moderately hard to sum up America in a single portrait. But that’s not going to stop us from trying.

Here are 13 likeness that stimulate desire for America way more than a gun.

We all adoration this big, beautiful, imperfect country. So why not take this opportunity to appreciate some of the things about America that is really are hot and inspiring and patriotic?

1. How about this picture of the U.S. women’s soccer team prevailing the World cup finals?

America. Photo by Rich Lam/ Getty Images.

Tell me that didn’t stimulate you want to wrap yourself in an American pennant and run around screaming, “We’re the best in the world when it pertains to kicking pellets into designated aims! ” or something to that impact. America.

2. Or this photo of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon?

America. Photo by NASA/ Newsmakers

That’s right. Italy might have amazing nutrient and Japan has those nifty sleeping husks, but WE’VE BEEN TO THE MOON. I discover Brazil has beautiful beaches. That’s cool. WE WALKED ON THE FREAKING MOON. Ireland has some cool cliffs. America? MOON.

3. What about a photograph of American vocalist/ songwriter Bill Withers?

America. Photo via Columbia Record/ Wikimedia Commons.

If Bill Withers doesn’t realise you adore America , nothing will. Bill Withers wrote “Lean on Me . ” Can you grasp that for a second? He sat down and wrote “LEAN ON ME! ” When he liberated “Ain’t No Sunshine” in 1971, every human being on the planet should’ve been lining up just to grab a handful of the American clay that germinated this national gem.

4. Or hey, how about TV and cinema actress America Ferrera?

America. Photo by Gareth Cattermole/ Getty Images.

Not simply is she a talented and socially awareness actress fetching some much-needed diversity to primetime television, but her name is America! Her literal reputation is America. When she makes a reservation at a restaurant, someone has to actually yell out, “Table for America? ” That’s a table I want to sit at every night.

5. Here’s another great one: The Wright Brother taking the first flight.

America. Photo by Central Press/ Getty Images.

Yeah. That happened. Other each country to cool just staying on the sand, but Wilbur and Orville Wright said: “Screw that. Let’s take to the skies. America! ” That’s what they actually said. Severely! Seem it up. Don’t look it up.

6. Or reminded us “miracle” from the 1980 Olympics?

America. Photo by Steve Powell/ Getty Images.

You may also remember it as the day everyone was literally moaning blood-red, grey, and blue rips. Team USA overcame Russia in ice hockey at the Olympics and, in doing so, mostly ended the Cold War. Which is cooler than Jeb’s engraved grease-gun by relevant factors of various infinities.

7. Beyonc. Death of statement.

America. Photo by Buda Mendes/ Getty Images.

America was founded to get away from the rule of monarchs. Despite that, one American woman continues to reign supreme. Beyonce isn’t just a vocalist, songwriter, and actress. She’s royalty. Long live the queen. Long live America.

8. This kid devouring fried butter.

You name it, we fry it. Fried chicken? Duh. Fried shrimp? Easy. How about deep-fried Oreos, Twinkies, and literal lodges of butter? Simply in America do we have the true grit to batter up a protrude of butter, fry it, and call it meat. Sure, it’s disgusting. But you know what’s more disgusting than deep-frying a deposit of butter? Not having the right to do so in the first place.

9. Thanksgiving.

America. Photo by General Photographic Agency/ Getty Images.

Also known as “The Greatest Holiday in the World, ” Thanksgiving is the day where Americans get together and celebrate meat and family while politely rejecting the holiday’s genocidal beginnings and our implicit contributed by that humiliating time in American record. It’s simply the most American period here i am.

10. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

America. Photo by Mark Wilson/ Getty Images.

The Ginsburger. Notorious RBG. Ruthy-Bades. Her enter communicate for itself. Pro-gay-rights, pro-choice, and a pro at being awesome. In her 23 times as a Supreme Court justice, she has voted on the right side of record nearly every single time. She’s one of the primary torchbearers of American progress, and she’s doing everything there is without owning an engraved artillery. Although I do like to be thought that she owns a pair of “RBG”-inscribed nunchaku.

11. The Grand F *** ing Canyon.

America. Photo by Joe Klamar/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Two acts happen when you visit the Grand Canyon. The first is that you’re struck by its length and pristine magnificence. The second is that you realise you’ve actually been saluting the entire duration, while gently performing the Pledge of Allegiance in your intelligence.

12. All this beautiful corn.

America. Photo by Tim Boyle/ Getty Images.

Forget baseball. Corn is America’s actual diversion. We proliferate it, we eat it, we placed it in EVERYTHING. And we adore it. American torsoes are basically made out of corn. If the average American had a husk and a cob, we could go out to Nebraska, gently sway in the wind, and return to our truest organize.

13. Eventually, the Puppy Bowl.

America. Photo by Amanda Edwards/ Getty Images for Discovery Communications.

The Puppy Bowl. What can I even be talking about this? When the Founding Father-gods got together and dreamed up the relevant recommendations of a commonwealth founded on liberty, liberty, and everything good and exactly in the world, they had no feeling how severely we would take it. The Puppy Bowl, a self-explanatory contest that currently exists annually at the same time as the Super Bowl, is the American dreaming embodied. Sports. TV. Puppies. Don’t even think about it. Just put on your American pennant sweatpants, grab a medium-cooked burger, sit back, and experience.

America isn’t about grease-guns.

That seemed obvious to most of us. In reality, Jeb possibly knows that, extremely, and simply posted the tweet to pander to a conservative basi. He doesn’t actually thoughts a picture of a firearm is what America is really about.

But it’s still hard to get around the fact that a picture of a grease-gun represents something acces more troubling than inducing.

America is a big region with lots of problems. But sometimes, it helps to appreciate its triumphs.

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