Switching to wet food (2 dogs)

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I have 2 chihuahuas, both eleven years old. One’s teeth recently started falling out (he’s fine, just old) so we decided to start switching him to wet food. This has become a problem since wet food smells significantly better than my other dog’s dry food. We have to isolate them while one eats wet and the other eats dry. We’ve tried putting them both on wet food, but one of them is larger than the other, so he finishes his food first and goes to steal what’s left of the other dog’s food. Almost any way we do it, the dogs end up fighting/arguing. Not to mention, wet dog food is extremely expensive, at least at Target.

Does anyone have experience with feeding multiple dogs separate portions? I need ideas on how to feed them without breaking my budget, or having them fight every time. (No one is harmed, just some angry growling and rough-housing). Let me know if you have any tips. Thank you!!!

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