Super High energy dogs – How do people do it??

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My wife and I rescued a dog, Dudley, 6 months ago from the local SPCA. They found him as a stray and seemingly had no experience being in a house. He's a Shiba Inu/Minpin/parson Russel Terrier/NS Duck Tolling Retriever. He's now 13 months old.

With the help of a really great trainer, we've been consistently training him for the past 4 months and he's made strides, but he just has SO MUCH ENERGY. We learned about capturing calm and Dudley now lays down in the house sometimes, which is nice, but I'm generally pretty exhausted at the end of the day because of how much energy he has. I know he's still really young, and he'll probably calm down in a year or so, but he has more energy than any of my friends' dogs, and pretty well any other dog I've ever seen.

As far as exercise and stimulation, we go to the park and play fetch for 30 minutes every single morning, 45-60 minute walk in the evening, plus 2-3 15 minute training sessions throughout the day to practice recall, leave it, stay, roll over, etc. Also, we feed him by hand, giving him the "take it" command.

After all this attention and exercise, he still is a bundle of infinite energy who needs to run around the house at full speed.

Dudley means the world to me, but how do people do it? Does anyone have any tips on dealing with excess energy?


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