Suggestions on shaping a puppy toward letting me know he has to potty?

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So, I've recently acquired a pit mix puppy. Long story, but now he's mine until I can find him a good proper home. Anyway, while I have him on a feeding schedule and manage to take him out he still has accidents. He's only 5 months old, so I know he's doing really well for his age and having had no previous training. However, he is not consistent in his "I have to potty" behaviors. He can hold it about 2 hours between potty breaks, so I have been keeping him on that schedule, and it works pretty well (and he holds it over night well). But I really want to train him to do something obvious and consistent so there are less chances for accidents, but I cannot think of a good way to shape his behaviors.

I thought about getting a bell and having him tap it everytime we go potty, but I am not sure if this is best.

I would appreciate any suggestions! I plan to give him a nice start in life, and being well potty trained is pretty important.

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