Suggestions for run line/clothesline type of rig?

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After some good discussion with my boyfriend, my dog needs to be out of the house more.

After a brief stint in college where my mom cared for my dog (and still does on weekends) his recall has been reduced to 50% even with my consistent treat based training. We go for daily runs, bike rides, many play sessions, you name it. But I cannot leave my dog outside on his own, so we decided a tieout would be safest for my dog and a way to get him from bugging my boyfriend 24/7.

So what are your suggestions? I'm considering tying a line about 10ft up to two trees, maybe about 75feet long. Should I attach a line to his collar (I don't want to do that) or would using his regular play harness be safer?

What kind of training should I introduce him to so I can safely let him hang out outside? And should I give him a dog coop to chill in? He loves his crate at home but we are working through his resource guarding of it.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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