Suddenly aggressive, should I be concerned?

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So basically what happened last night was that my dog got aggressive with me before I put her in her crate for bed. We have been trying to teach her a command to crate up on her own when she hears it and have moved away from treats at this point. Well last night I tried it and she avoided going in and eventually corner herself on the stairs. When I tried to grab her, she started barring her teeth and biting, not super hard, but biting none the less.

She did it again this morning when I took her out before work as well. This is the first instance of aggressive behavior we have had. Normally, my wife comes and let’s her out over lunch. Yesterday she did not get the opportunity to do so. So I am considering that it could just be frustration from being in the crate all day?

Like I said, we haven’t had any problems with aggression until last night. She’s eight months old, loves people and other dogs, and is super friendly. Is this any cause for concern? Thanks for any advice.

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