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My roommate and I each have dogs (mine is a ~2y/o German Shepherd, his is a ~1y/o Pitbull). They have been friendly and playful for 4, almost 5 months now. My roommate also has a cat that's about 3y/o. Today he got kitten who's only 2 months old. Tonight was the first day having the kitten and suddenly the Pitbull has turned aggressive towards the German Shepherd. At first we thought it was just protective behavior (he attacked the germy when he was near the kitten but not next to or even looking at it) however it just happened again with the kitten being in a completely different part of the house. We don't want to have to separate the two because they are good dogs, and neither of us want to give up our pets. Does anyone know of somethings we can do to help discourage this behavior? We are planning on paying for professional training, however we'd like to at least get started now so that we don't have a potential blood bath on our hands.

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