Stubborn/mean/SepAnx ~3 y/o Chihuahua mix. Help me please. With any of my problems.

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My fiancee and I adopted a dog from a local shelter in October 2017. When we first got him he was quiet around other dogs, submissive (but still stubbon), and all around a pretty okay dog for an adopted shelter dog. However, about a month after having him he started getting more and more stubborn, louder and longer separation anxiety fits, and even aggressive. At first we chalked up as he was being possessive of my fiancee, but he wouldn't listen to her. He's potty trained – kind of. He USUALLY goes outside and does his business, but if he gets in trouble he will shit on the floor in the middle of the night or when he has an upset tummy (very sensitive belly) he will poop on the carpet (this is a problem because he is very clearly house trained and lets us know when he needs to go outside). For some reason he will only poop and when he does it is ONLY on carpet. He lashes out every time he sees another dog but the second they want to meet him (calm, excited, aggressive, inviting, whatever the dog's personality) he gets very scared and runs away and yelps/cries so loud. He is very stubborn and only does a command when he feels there is something in it for him. Normally, this would be fine however food does not motivate him what-so-ever. He is ridiculously picky and refuses to eat something he doesn't adore even if he starves. He seems to know when he does something wrong, as he immediately tries to run away from me (whether it be under my spouse until she tells him "No!" or underneath something) and refuses to come out. I have attempted (very calmly and gently) to pull him out but he bites me and draws blood every time. Sometimes, if he decides there is nothing he can run underneath he will lash and out by showing teeth, biting and barking very loudly. He used to stop after a few seconds but has gotten worse about it. He is very mean and hates any form of discipline. He does not back down, keeps his head up with his eyes locked on me even if he isn't acting particularly aggressive (sometimes he just lashes out if he doesn't want/ want to do something. If he gets in trouble of gets something (like his blanket) taken away he will get revenge and poop on the carpet, run away, and hide. I do not want to resort to hitting, but he has bit me and out of reaction I popped him very, very hard. He stopped his aggression, backed down, and listened to me, which concerns me because I do not want to resort to this. He is very, very Prince-like. He will refuse to go on wet grass, sleep on anything besides a blanket, or even sit on a carpet. If he is told to sit he will first walk over to something soft (this would be okay but he will not sit outside). He had an upset tummy the other night and started having diarrhea on the carpet. We jumped up in bed and he seen us, so he moved slightly over onto his puppy pad and pooped there only when we were watching. He is very smart, but believes he is the boss of the house. His separation anxiety goes on until we get home. He is very loud, barks, whines, will try to get out of any enclosure, and will not stop until we let him out. As soon as he is behind a baby gate/in a cage he will lose it even if we are right in front of him. I have, for the past two nights, been leaving him in a closet (walk-in closet – it is VERY large) with a baby gate to teach him to be away from us, but he barks and whines ALL NIGHT LONG. My fiancee is losing hope and cannot stand him because he bites me, especially when he receives discipline. We have already started looking for a new home for him, but I am very against letting him go (what can I say? I love the arrogant little bastard). If it's the right thing to do, however, I will. I have tried virtually everything (but if you have something you stand by that works give more info and I will try it). He is just so stubborn, mean, and cares so much about being pampered. Thank you so much for reading this, you trooper. Please, if you have any way to help me get this dog under control, help me. (FYI: We are broke 3rd year college students and don't have the money for training sessions) Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

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