Stubborn cutie won’t lay down!

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Hi All

My shy pupperina (rescued 13-14 week old mixed breed girl, maybe staffy, desexed) is doing great with "sit" and "come" but I can't seem to get her to learn "lay down". We've tried from the sit position luring her down, with much resistance. I tried to get her to do the under my leg commando crawl and that's a big NOPE. She is very head shy and a scared girl, but happy and content in the home. I've tried gently picking up her front legs to lay her down then rewarding her but she resists this also. Yes I have tried on a soft surface (on her blanky or our rug).

TBH it doesn't bother me if she doesn't lay down if she is more comfy sitting, but puppy preschool is trying to teach it. Also in the long run if I want her to "stay" in the same spot I think she would be more comfy in a laying down position?

Any tips how I can trick my shy girl into laying down so she can get treats for it and learn it is a good position?


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