Struggling with housetraining

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I have a 6 month old Jack Russel/English Toy Spaniel cross.

She was bought as a present for my niece by her boyfriend who promised to take care of it but he didn't then they split up 1 week later. She was left with a puppy she never asked for and didn't have time for.

She was never walked or housetrained and was just left in the kitchen with the back door open in the week and every weekend was left alone for 2 whole days with plenty of food and water.

I convinced her to give her to me so she's now my dog but I'm finding it hard to housetrain her. I let her out and treat her when she goes outside and am always saying 'go wee wees' when I open the door and hanging out in the garden with her.

She still goes in the house though an awful lot even though I let her out frequently.

I think she's also got separation anxiety from being left in the kitchen with no companionship. She freaks out when alone to the extent she's shaking and terrified. I have another dog, an 8 year old pug, who keeps her company and they'll sleep together in the kitchen all night happily and quietly but in the day I sometimes have to keep them in separate rooms when I'm home because she's so aggressively playful and won't leave him alone. If I'm going out I always separate them so she doesn't spend the whole time tormenting him.

I could really do with some advice here please.

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