Stop telling me i should let me dog off leash

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I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but after I got my puppy (now 14.5 week old GSD/Lab mix) 2.5 weeks ago, almost everyone that I know that has a dog is telling me how easy and fun it is to have your dog off leash. I have met their dogs. They do not have proper recall. I have been told in so many words that having your dog off leash is a “necessary risk” in order to give your dog a happy life. Ummmmm…. WHAT!? Stop trying to make me feel bad for not trusting my dog at all because he is NOT TRAINED YET. I am working hard on training g and would love for him to be off leash trained, but I expect that to take a year at LEAST. I am choosing to raise MY dog so that I have a 100% recall success rate for months before I trust him. The world is dangerous, stop pressuring me to take my dog off leash because you feel good about it. Also. YOUR DOG SHOULD NOT BE OFF LEASH! UGHHH

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