Stephen Colbert Goes Off on Republicans for Blocking Observer

Stephen Colbert taped his reveal Thursday night before Sen. Lamar Alexander( R-TN) dashed any possibility of onlookers in Trump’s impeachment trial. But the Late Show emcee wasn’t feeling rosy.

” As I speak, the Senate impeachment trial is racing democracy to see which one can end faster ,” Colbert began his speech.” Today, senators wrapped the Q& A. Tomorrow, they move on to the’ F’ and’ U .'”

Echoing the frustrations of House director Adam Schiff, the legion lent, “‘ You can’t make this up !’ Because George Orwell already did. Anyway, that’s my age, two plus two equals five, I adore Big brother, do it to Julia !”

” Of route, the big question is whether there will be any watches ,” Colbert said later.” The boy trying to block that from happening is Senate Majority Leader–and it says here’ holds in store for booing’–Mitch McConnell .” His audience was happy to pressure.

But while McConnell was right to believe he had the votes to block witness, Colbert foreground a poll that encounter 75 percent of Americans want to hear testimony from key fleshes.” That is amazing! That’s crazy !” he said.” 75 percent of Americans don’t agree on anything, except maybe’ puppies good, Cats movie bad .'”

The Senate may not be hearing from former National Security Adviser John Bolton but Colbert did the next best thing by delivering a “ Late Show subpoena” to Dana Carvey.

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