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Just a happy brag post. Would love to know how your Canine Good Citizen training/testing went so please post below.

My happy story- Starting advanced training and taking CGC! I’m so excited to work with my dog more. He excelled in his obedience class last fall and we went right into task specific training. We haven’t had sessions with our trainer for months as I could train him at home with what we learned each week and didn’t need to go in as often/couldn’t afford classes.

We checked in with our trainer today. Skipping a level and going straight to advanced training and taking the CGC for the last class. This will also lead him to public access training. It made me so happy to get feed back that I’ve done a good job training him so far and we get to start this tomorrow!

I’m just really grateful and wanted to share a feel good/success story. I highly suggest working with a trainer if you’re doubting getting one yourself or not. Confidently working with your dog is such a great bonding activity.

I hope you have a great day!

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