Started dating somebody and our dogs just don’t get along… what to do?

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I recently started dating this guy who I like a lot. We have a great time together and I could definitely see myself being with him long term. The only problem is, our dogs do not get along at all. He has a large, 8-year old pit bull, and I have a small, 10 lb chihuahua/terrier mix. I have absolutely nothing against pit bulls and think his dog is the sweetest thing. But we've introduced them several times at the park and it did not go well. My chihuahua is a bit intimidated so he growls and runs about, and his dog reacts by being snappy. My guy has raised his pit since he was a puppy, so I know this dog has a good heart, but his dog's reaction to my dog has scared me a few times. We've had them together several times and it's just not working. How can we make this work (i.e. sleep at each other's places, go on trips with our pups, maybe move in together someday) if our dogs hate each other? Is it a lost cause? Will I ever be able to trust the two dogs alone together down the line?

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