Star superpower: which celebrities is currently considering guiding for place?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus rebuffed a request by Democrat to modulation from Tv legislator to real life one here are the stars who should really think about a political move

There is a gruesome alternative that, given the current state of the world, all future US ballots will be prevailed by whichever candidate is most famous. Scarlett Johansson knows this, which is why she is actively not ruling out a possible occupation pivot to politics. And the Democrat seem to know this too, because why else would they have asked Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus to run for role?

But, ogle, we need some really big guns in this climate, and neither Johansson or Louis-Dreyfus are big enough to save us. Instead, here are the luminaries that actually should be running for government.


George Clooney

Photograph: Axel Schmidt/ AP

George Clooney is a natural alternative for chairman. Hes musing, photogenic, active and impervious to political screening on the basis that nothing in his life is to be able to be as embarrassing as Batman and Robin. Clooney has expended years razzing the world about a potential run for role his Wikipedia page even has a photograph of him conscientiously kissing his thumbs above the caption Clooney discusses Sudan with President Barack Obama at the White House in October 2010 for weeping out loud but maybe now is the time for him to take that leap.

Elizabeth Banks

Photograph: UPI/ Barcroft Images

Elizabeth Banks is a natural campaigner. Remember in the recent elections, when she rounded up famed acquaintances like Jane Fonda and two parties from Modern Family to record an a cappella version of Fight Song for Hillary Clinton? True, that video did nothing to assist Hillarys fortunes in fact, it was such an out-of-touch spectacle of liberal Hollywood smuggery that theres quite a strong possibility it actually facilitated her lose but envisage what kind of all-star a cappella line-up molted be able to scare up if it was her loping for bureau instead.

Tom Hanks

Photograph: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

OK , no messing about here. All Tom Hanks must be free to do is read I want to be president and hell automatically become president. Thats how universally beloved Tom Hanks is. Everyone would vote for him. It would be a landslide. Even if he answered I want to be president, and too kill puppies with a hammer, youd still vote for him. Even if he enunciated I want to be president, but only if I can suffocate your grandmother with a pillow during my inaugural, youd still vote for him. Hes Tom Hanks, for screaming out loud. The person is a treasure.


Mel Gibson

Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Here are the facts. The current president went where he is by has become a lecherous racist egomaniac with what seems to be a somewhat enunciated personality disorder. There is obviously an enormous groundswell of support for that kind of being, but where are you able maybe go after him? The answer is Mel Gibson. In words of reputation and sentiment, he is basically POTUS 45 after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Sexist? Yes. War-obsessed? Yes. Bit iffy about Jewish beings? Oh dear God yes. If Mel Gibson flowed, I guarantee that Mel Gibson would win.

Melissa Joan Hart

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