St.Bernard German Shepard Mix won’t stop biting

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Got my puppy about a month and a half ago, according to vet she is most likely around 7 months old and she’s about 65 pounds and growing rapidly. She has a tendency to bite and jump when she gets exited during playtime, in the beginning it was usually just grabbing at baggy clothes and hands, but now, at any given time I have at least 5 purple blue bruises on my upper legs and arms from her biting. I know there are a bunch of threads of people on here asking how to redirect this, but NOTHING seems to work. In addition, by the time she is full grown she’s going to weigh about the same as my younger sister and i don’t want to think that she would unintentionally do some serious damage. When she jumps up, she’s almost the same height as me and honestly it’s a little terrifying because she has no concept of how large she is or how painful her playful nips are. Any suggestions?

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