Sprained ankle – dog got into trash

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I sprained my ankle on a hike with my dog about a week ago. This was the last time I've been able to give my dog, who is a 80lb husky/German Shepard, sufficient exercise as my husband is out of town. I'll be in a boot until next week. Tonight, my dog almost got shot because he was rummaging through trash at 3am and I thought he was someone who had broken into my home. I know he is trying to release some of his pent up energy, so I'm not mad at him. He's not a super big chewer on toys and pretty much has to be in the mood for a bone. What are some ways I can help him release that energy until I can walk him again? Also, it has rained non stop for the past few days and doesn't look like stopping anytime soon, so dogs parks probably won't be a good solution.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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