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Hi everyone Im here to ask you a very very important question. How in the hell can you make SURE that your dog can’t escape a harness?

I bought my 6 month puppy a harness the other day. All was well and fine and then today as we were walking up to my apartment door she army crawled and somehow slipped right out of it. In a moment of panic I fell to the ground and basically crawled my way over to her to pick her up, screaming her name the entire time. She gave me a heart attack. The harness is as tight as it can go and she hasn’t been able to escape it yet, but somehow she just brings in her shoulders sometimes and becomes a blob of dog and escapes things (she escaped a different harness the other day but I fell to the ground and grabbed her before she noticed.) what can I do? Is this just a puppy thing? I cried at the idea of possibly losing my brand new puppy that I’ve had for just shy of two weeks. She scared the hell out of me.

Thanks in advance. Dog momming is stressful, man.

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