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My puppy is 8 months old and 55cm and 17 kg (21.5 inches, 37lbs) and I thought he was still growing but I have had so many comments recently from other dog walkers telling me he’s finished growing. Can they really stop growing at 8 months? He’s not a very small looking dog but does have a thin frame, thin legs small paws etc (If you want to see pictures of him there’s some recent ones on my profile) I was confused by their comments because he grew a lot this month, and suddenly I have a lot of comments from other dog walkers telling me he’s finished growing (without me asking lol). If anyone sees the picture on my profile what do you think?

The second question I have is.. can their puppy teeth still be in at 8 months? It looks like he’s only had a few adult teeth come through, the rest are sooo tiny! I mean really tiny little teeth. They wouldn’t be his adult teeth right? Because he doesn’t have a small head but the inside of his mouth is quite narrow.

I don’t know the breed since he’s a rescue which is why I’m asking for any opinions because I don’t know how he will grow

We have a vet check up next week but I wanted to ask here too thanks anyone 🙂

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