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Hello all,

We socialized it puppy as best as we could but we didn’t get to go to a many places as we would have liked. She’s currently 7 months and goes to day care every couple weeks, has a best friend she plays with a lot. We are doing training every day and we’ve been slacking on the walks. We have one more week of our training program but we are trying to walk her more.

I noticed she was getting more skittish of people when before she would be skittish towards strollers or anything large she wasn’t familiar with. She’d rather ignore people and had recently started to bark at them or pull hard to get away. I want her to be more friendly towards people so we are going back to socializing by bringing her to shopping areas and going into pet stores and even a random vet office, giving her treats when she’s good and calm and she’s not barking at anyone. She seems to like women more. We don’t stay long, she does start to pant and get stressed after ten minutes so we leave.

We found a website for pet friendly places in our city that allow dogs so we will go to these places more and possibly bring her best friend to show her these places are ok.

We don’t have a ton of extra money right now – I’m a full time student and we are planning a wedding that’s a year and a half away. I did find a class that’s geared towards making your dog pay more attention to you, engagement type, that would be beneficial because I would eventually like to put her in agility or nose work. So that would be something we could do later in the winter.

Am I doing this alright? Do we still have a chance to get her confidence back? It is starting to get chillier so we don’t want to spend too long outside and freeze.

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