Socializing a dog that’s not good with other dogs

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I have a 3 year old lab mix/mutt who – while very sweet with humans – gets aggressive or at the least very anxious around other dogs. Back when I got her a year ago a friend and I had done a bit of work with her friendly golden retriever and we were able to after a couple of times take them on a walk together without much issue but we haven't done that again in a while.

I'd like to socialize her with a friend's miniature daschund now (she is very friendly with other dogs). I'm pretty hopeful this could work because the home I got her from had her living in harmony with a much smaller dog.

My idea was to start by taking them on walks together but not allowing them to get too close, just focusing on the walk and being comfortable in proximity of another dog. Any other tips or actions I should take?

Thank you very much!

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