So Touching! You Have To See This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued, I’m Almost In Tears!


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  1. I don’t perceive this as a happy reunion. This dog looks like it is
    cowering and submissive and scared of this guy. I have worked with dogs and
    this dog looks scared.

    • +gsdsteve,+USNVA…i really don’t understand why you both have to be so
      mean and hateful to one another? So you have a difference of
      opinions..fine,let it be just that for God’s sake try to be more respectful
      of people because this world is filled with so much hate as it is and i
      would hate to know in case you two needed to rely on each other in case of
      an emergency that you would turn your back’s on each other and i know you
      both can’t be THAT heartless.

  2. Poor dog looks afraid to me. The shelter needs to check up on the dog
    several times to make sure the dog is being treated good. I feel the poor
    dog would have bean happy to see his owner. look at the veido again
    carefully. this dog is extremely scared & not happy to see owner. I believe
    poor dog was abused .

    • I am also surprised by the dog’s initial reaction to the owner. It just
      doesn’t feel right to me as a dog owner. 7 months is definitely not enough
      for a dog to forget her owner. I am not saying the owner abused her before
      but I believe he is definitely not having enough good time with the dog

    • the dog was terrified. It had the same exact posture and movement as when
      you take a vacuum out and they are slinking away and hiding from it, or
      when they know they just did something bad and are going to get yelled at.
      Theres no way a dog would still have that kind of guilt for running away
      after 7 months, dogs wouldn’t likely even connect running away from a
      ‘firework’ as a bad thing to be guilty for. But they would remember years
      of abuse

    • +Larry Green Well said Larry Green. It is clear that the poor dog Dora is
      being handled back to her abuser. I can only hope and pray she manages to
      run away again before she meets a very, very tragic death in the hands of
      her abusers and torturers. May God bless her.

    • It’s a usual reaction for a subservient dog towards it’s alpha after some
      time apart. It’s re-establishing the former bond.

    • +Greencheese Hogwash, Greencheese, hogwash. It the clear reaction of an
      abused animal to it’s alpha and abuser. The only bond here is the one of
      sacrifice and punishment. A lot of punishment. Poor little Dora.

  3. The Dog was not too excited to see his owner. Maybe he was not happy to see
    his owner. That Dog acted like he was abused. Usually a lost Dog would be
    glad to see his owner after being lost for that period of time. This video
    is weird.

    • +Frank D Not all dogs are the same. Abused, lost or not, they all have
      different reactions to their owners. Like my idiot dog who got lost for 4
      days. I treated him with love and everyting since he was a puppy. Didn’t
      abuse him at all. But when i met him in the office. I was brining my leash
      and when he came to me, he was like leash me fucking owner and i leashed
      him and went home. His reactions were nothing! If ever you saw his
      actions(cant fucking believe it), you wud feel nothing! Trust me, dogs are
      different like humans like birds like wolves, all creatures in this world
      are different. If ever you would think how i lost him, he fucking jumped on
      our fence.

    • Jess Odidoy / I was referring to this video and nothing else. This
      particular case looked as if the dog did not want to leave with the owner.
      If this hurts your feelings I really do not care. I am commenting on this
      particular video. The dog was acting as if she did not want to leave with
      the owner. This was an observation. Look at the video again and try to be
      truthful and judge the incident for yourself.

    • But its a difference in dogs not showing any emotions (like your dog) and a
      dog that shows fear. This dog showed fear when meeting its owner and that
      is not normal.

  4. i WOULD enjoy the vid,but theres this terrible and ridiculous music
    drowning out ANY sound. hopefully i can find a version without it. but im
    not watching another second of this cap. thumbs down

    • Look up Hope4Paws, it’s the charity this video was “stolen” from. They have
      the original version without the loud music that was necessary to stop
      YouTube flagging this for copyright infringement.

  5. Step 1. Find someone else’s popular video on YouTube, a Hope4Paws video
    should work.
    Step 2. Use a soundtrack to cover the original audio so that it doesn’t get
    flagged by YouTube’s copyright algorithm.
    Step 3. Make sure not to give Hope4Paws any credit in the description.
    Step 4. Be a decent human being and stop stealing views (money) from a
    charity that does nothing but good in this world.

    I guess step 4 is too much to ask for.

    • This has been loaded, stollen and re-uploaded, stollen again and
      re-uploaded again. It happens all the time on YouTube. Dora ran off on Jul
      4 2012. There are probably 6 or more copies of it here with different
      titles and it will be stollen and re-uploaded again and again. Just google
      “Dora missing dog found”. It’s everywhere.

    • OMG thank you so much for putting this out.. it shows how dumb and stupid
      some are on here saying Dora was abused by her owner.. just shows how easy
      it is to judge what happened in one sequence without the full video and
      pictures.. again thank you for doing this.. it made my day!!!!!!. Take care

  6. I can’t believe all these silly comments that the dog was scared and must
    be abused by the owner… what a bunch of ridiculous trouble makers. Dogs
    don’t know if maybe they did something wrong and maybe they’re in
    trouble…she acted meek because she’s been through a lot and and was gone
    for 7 months. She looked like she was sorry that she got lost for so long.
    Didn’t you killjoys see her put her head on his leg and he was sweetly
    petting her and she put her paw on him? Not every dog is a whirling
    dirvish. If she was abused she wouldn’t have gone to him at all.

    • Carol F Talking of “silly comments”, if a dog doesn’t know if it’s done
      something wrong how can it be sorry for doing something ???

    • You don’t know much at all. People act the same way when they’re under the
      control of an abuser. Elizabeth Smart defended her abductor right in front
      of police, for example. It happens similarly with animals. The tender
      affection from that owner was an act to impress everyone there. That dog
      was traumatized by more than fireworks and being a stray. I don’t buy at
      all that this owner never abused this dog.

    • The dog was very afraid when meeting its owner, and still when the dog was
      getting petted by the owner she didnt show any happiness, but she looked
      really insecure. Even tho she put her paw against him and was respondig to
      the owner petting her, she looked really insecure. To me that is a reaction
      from a dog who never know how the owner is going to react.

      And when you said the dog looked sorry because of her for being gone so
      long, I can tell you that dogs dont have ablity to be aware of something
      like this complicated. I mean the dog reflecting of her being gone for so
      long and of her seeing herself as have done wrong in this situation. Still
      if she could reflect of something like this, she should feel safe to be
      together with her owner and not be scared.

  7. The ONE thing they DON’T tell you about with all this chipping is that it
    CAN cause cancer! Both my staffies are chipped and I am fearful of them
    developing a cancerous growth.

  8. The dog was held captive by jerky punks who took the dog far away and
    probably abused it along the way. You guys got your optimism goggles on?

  9. I was underwhelmed. I expected the dog to go crazy at seeing his owner. It
    looked more like he didn’t know him and didn’t much care. “Hey, when’s


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