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Our lab/Aussie mix is just about 6 months old. We love her so much and she is so smart and sweet. The only thing is I feel like we keep running into health problems and issues. This is just a vent I guess. We rescued her from an extremely unorganized shelter which didn't give her the best start. We got her and she had a uti from day 1. It took 3 rounds of antibiotics to cure it and she then got vaginitis from it that she is growing out of. Then she got an eye infection. Next she had hookworms which she had a bad reaction to the dewormer. All of that got cleared up and now we just found fleas on her. So we get to deep clean the entire house and get rid of her fleas right before we move all the way across the country in one week and she will probably get tapeworms because I'm sure she has eaten some. We are going to the vet again tomorrow. Her vet bills have been so expensive and I'm glad we had savings but this has all been so hard. I just want a healthy and happy puppy. She deserves the best.

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