So in general, to teach a dog a behavior to not do something you first have to let them (almost) do it?

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For example if you want to train your dog to not bite furniture/hands you would observe them and as they are about to open their open to chew you would stuff a toy in their mouth or pull them away? Like wise would you do the same for potty training and stop them as they are about to squat?

I ask because I don't think my potty training is going correctly. I'm xpen training and if the dog is not being monitored he's in the pen. I also take him straight from the pen to the yard if he needs to be so he's never had an opportunity to pee on the floor. Whenever I try and proof and see if the potty training has worked, he will pee on the floors.


I thought that because my puppy was used to peeing on grass it would mean that he would have a preference for grass and not hard wood, but it doesn't seem to be the case here. Is there a flaw in my reasoning?

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