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My neice bought a Morkie and then decided she wouldn't be able to keep him. I have had him for about a month. He's four months old. Before coming to my home, he was in an apartment and used the toilet on pee pads and blankets.

I work from 9-6 and leave him him in a designated, blocked off area (the kitchen) during the day. I have a roommate that has been taking him out every 2 hours and then from 3-6 he's at my sister's house with my nephews where he is watched, played with outside and/or put in a play pen inside.. We have a very large, fenced yard, and live next door to my sister's house. She also has a dog that my puppy loves and seems to be learning from.

He sleeps with me and sleeps through the night with no accidents. We go outside first thing in the morning and he does his business. But, during the day when my roommate takes him out, he will not pee or poop, but once inside will go on the kitchen floor. She stays outside with him for 20 minutes and gets frustrated easisly because he doesn't pee except for when he comes inside :(. I feel lucky I have someone to take him out, but I really can't impose any more on her and ask her to keep an eagle eye on him during the day to watch for signs that he needs to pee. I think part of the problem is that he's easily distracted while outside with all the plants, bugs, smells, etc. and forgets about peeing until he's inside the house.

My other problem is that the pup seems extremely sensitive to heat and cold and looks postively miserable when its too hot or cold. It's also hard on my roommate going up and down the stairs so often during the day. The puppy will sometimes be excited to go outside, but not always. I've never had a dog that didn't want to be outside. He also seems to sleep a lot. In fact, I have a vet appt at the end of the month to make sure all is okay. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and slept most the day, and he slept right along with me. I'm not sure if this is a breed thing or what.

We also have a large porch. I thought I might make a designated area on the porch for him to go to the bathroom on a pee pad. That way it would be less steps for my roommate, and not as hot or cold for the puppy.

Even though this pup is tiny and will be small all his life, I want him to be real dog and not a "purse accessory". I've started to leash train him, but it's tough. I've had a lot of dogs throughout my life, and I've never had a problem training any of them, either with house training or other things like walking on a leash, come, stay, etc.. I would like him to use the bathroom outside, but it is hot and he is really tiny (5 lbs). These are my questions:

Should I just use pee pads on the porch? He doesn't pee or poop alot. Should I get grass for the porch while I'm trying to figure this out so he doesn't get confused with the pads if I decide I want him to go outside? Should I just continue on with what I'm doing and never mind that the puppy seems miserable for the 20 minutes he's outside in the heat/cold? When the temperature is mild, he seems fine outside. I've started to crate train him. He's comfortable going in and staying a while in his crate, but I haven't closed the door yet. Should I use pee pads until he's comfortable in his crate and then start taking him outside? How long can he stay in the crate? Is it fair to keep him in the crate the majority of the day even if he's being let out every 2 hours for 20 minutes at a time? I have a hard time with that.

Sorry for such a long post, but really I would appreciate any advice, suggestions or tips!

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