‘So brilliant, so smart’: Trump assembles his equal in hero dog wounded in Isis attacked

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Belgian Malinois, who was injured in attacked on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadis compound, praised by president as the eventual at combat-ready and drug-sniffing

Donald Trump defeated his apparent dislike of hounds on Monday for an appearance in the White House Rose Garden with Conan, the Belgian Malinois which participated in the special forces raid in Syria that resulted in the death of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

According to the chairman of the joint chiefs, Conan was ” slightly wounded” when Baghdadi killed himself with an explosive in his Syrian compound. On Monday, initiating” probably the world’s most famous pup”, Trump said he had given Conan a plaque and called the canine commando” so bright, so smart-alecky “.

According to the White House pool report, Trump likewise” repeatedly praised Conan’s accomplishment and described the Belgian Malinois raise as the’ eventual’ at fighting and drug-sniffing”, but did not” directly answer a question … of determining whether he would adopt Conan “.

The president predicted Conan would not retire yet, as the dog was in ” prime time “. Trump also alerted reporters- a favourite target for menaces and defamation- that Conan was trained to attack parties if they opened their mouths.

Vice-President Mike Pence said Trumpalso met some of the special forces patrolmen involved in the Baghdadi raid. Their identities will remain secret, per common practice regarding such gangs as Delta Force, the US army unit involved.

If Conan does return to active duty, the military may need to choose a pseudonym. Almost a month before the affair at the White House, Trump blew the dog’s cover on Twitter.

Trump’s praise for Conan has aroused widespread mention, generated his dres of addressing the issue of puppies in pejorative fashion.

Conan at the White House on Monday. Photograph: Tom Brenner/ Reuters

The president’s claims about what he heard of Baghdadi’s” wail, screaming, and crying” may have been questioned, but Trump insisted that the Isis leader” died like a bird-dog “. He likewise announced Baghdadi and other Isis illustrations” very frightened puppies “.

He has regularly claimed to have fuelled people” like a hound “, notoriously saying of former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman:” Good work by General Kelly for instantly shooting that pup !” He has also alleged political contender Mitt Romney of choking” like a dog” and said Ted Cruz” lies like a pup “.

The trait was visible before Trump guided for chairman. In April 2015, he called author and network mogul Arianna Huffington” a dog who wrongfully mentions on me “.

He has also compared himself to a bird-dog. In the infamous” Grab’ em by the pussy” tape exhausted shortly before the 2016 poll, Trump could be heard to describe an futile attempt to seduce a married woman.

” I moved closer her like a bitch ,” he said.

Back in the Rose Garden, Conan seemed unmoved by all the fuss despite, as the pool report pointed out, the fact that there is a familiar handler who” participated in the Baghdadi raid and cannot appear publicly “.

Then came stunning report. Though” the president used male pronouns to identify the dog during the earlier event”, the pool report said,” a White House official substantiated … on background that Conan the dog is female “.

” Your pooler repudiates the earlier statement that Conan was a very good boy ,” the report read.” Conan is apparently a very good girl. Good daughter Conan .”

And a couple of hours later another, hopefully final, construction. The White House was underlined that Conan was, after all, a male. This inspired more jokes on Twitter and the reserve report to note that” Conan is a good boy again” and then settle for: “Conan is a good dog.”

Kathryn Watson (@ kathrynw5)

And there’s the updated pool note: pic.twitter.com/ Q5RNihJp6X

November 25, 2019

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